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Important and Exciting News About Nerd & Tie!

The Nerd & Tie Expo is Having a Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale!

So are you as excited about the Nerd & Tie Expo (September 23-25, 2016 in Eau Claire, WI) as we are, but have been waiting for the right moment to preregister? Well that moment is coming up! In the grand tradition of Black Friday (and the completely media invented Cyber Monday) we’re having a sale!

From Friday November 27th until Monday November 30th, we’re temporarily slashing prices on both Preregistration and Sponsorship packages. How much are we slashing the prices? Some by a little, and some by a lot. This is how it breaks down:

That’s the cheapest price we will ever offer the Gold Sponsorship for, so it’s kind of a big deal. Prices will snap back to their normal levels on December 1st, so make sure you take advantage of this awesome deal while you can!

Find us at Anime Fusion!

Hey Nerd & Tie fans in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota realms, this weekend Nick and Pher will be hitting Anime Fusion in Bloomington, MN. You’ll find them both at the Nerd & Tie Expo Roadshow Table (where you can preregister for or donate to the event), along with some of our Expo staff.

Both Nick and Pher are doing their standard slew of panels with Otaku Tonight Productions, but they also will be hosting the Anime Fusion Cosplay Contest… which is, y’know, really neat.

So come out, say hi, prereg for the Nerd & Tie Expo if you feel like it, and have an awesome convention with us!

Well I say “us,” but I (Trae) won’t be there. But I wish I could be. Everyone have an awesome time for me, okay?

Reminder: We’re still running an Indiegogo Campaign for the Nerd & Tie Expo. You can find it here! It’s super awesome.

We’ve Launched an IndieGogo Campaign for the Nerd & Tie Expo!

Hey, we said we would launch a crowdfunding campaign for the Nerd & Tie Expo… and we have! Today we are happy to present to you our IndieGogo campaign for the Nerd & Tie Expo.

We’re currently asking for $5,000, and it’s because we think that extra boost to our budget could really help us secure some great stuff for the convention next year. If we can exceed that though, we can find even more stuff to do too, so don’t view that number as a limit.

We’re really excited about this convention, and we hope you can help us make the best event the Chippewa Valley could hope for.

Help us out.

Announcing the Nerd & Tie Expo!

Those of you who regularly read our site or listen to our podcast know that Nick, Pher and I (Trae) have an extensive background in running conventions in Wisconsin. I co-founded No Brand Con, and Pher and I are both former con directors of the organization. Nick is no slouch either, having co-founded Daisho Con.

All three of us have tried to step back from our days as con runners. Seriously, we’ve tried to quit. We’ve tried to just be attendees… but like many addicts, we’re relapsing.

That’s right, Nerd & Tie is starting a convention.

We’re calling it the Nerd & Tie Expo, and it will take place September 23-25, 2016 at the Plaza Hotel & Suites in Eau Claire, WI. We are going to do our best to become the Chippewa Valley’s cornerstone Geek event.

We’re bringing together a really great team too of veteran con staffers – it’s the best of the best, including people who have held high level positions at pretty much every con that takes place in America’s Dairyland. We’re working as hard as we can to provide the best con possible by working with the best people, from our Video Game Room run by World 9 Gaming to events run by Otaku Tonight Productions.

It’s going to be pretty great.

We’re also focusing on community and becoming a long term fixture in Eau Claire. One of the reasons Eau Claire no longer has a convention is because the venues available can’t handle cons over a certain size. We also think that some of the best convention experiences any of us have had have been at smaller shows. With both of those things in mind, we’ve come to a rather important decision…

We’re limiting attendance of the Nerd & Tie Expo to 1,000.

That’s right, we’re only going to sell 1,000 attendee badges, and that’s it. We came to this number because we believe it’s just big enough to let us provide the best experience to you guys while still keeping the con small. In an atmosphere where cons are designed for almost constant growth, we think it’s a bit revolutionary in fact.

Because we’re putting this limit on ourselves, we’re going to need your help though.

In the upcoming weeks, we’re going to be launching a crowdfunding campaign so we can add even more stuff that we haven’t announced yet. With your help, I know we can make the Nerd & Tie Expo in Eau Claire one of the most unique events the Wisconsin con scene has ever seen.

We hope you join us.

Find Nerd & Tie at Geek.kon 2015!

Hey, you guys know that this weekend we’re headed to Madison, WI for Geek.kon 2015, right? I mean, we’ve said it enough times already. Also, it’s at Geek.kon 2015 where we’ll be making a MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT that is kind of super huge.

Like “Wisconsin con scene changing” super huge.

We know you want to be a part of it, or at least find out as much as you can faster than anyone else! Or maybe you just want to hang out. We like hanging out.

Hanging out is fun.

Anyway, we’re doing NERD & TIE LIVE! on Sunday Morning at 9:30am — which is pretty awesome. But besides that, you can find us all over the con. Where? Well, I’ll just direct you to Geek.kon’s handy dandy scheduling tool. Unfortunately, Geek.kon seems to think Pher and Nick are multiple people, so I’ve broken down their various identities here:

Where to find Trae

Where to find Nick

Where to find Pher

We hope to see you there!