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Important and Exciting News About Nerd & Tie!

The Anime Central Trinity Selfie Challenge

Photo: What a Selfie with Trae looks like

Trae is going to be at Anime Central this weekend, and as we mentioned on the podcast we’re giving you guys a challenge.

Which we’re calling the “Anime Central Trinity Selfie Challenge” for no good reason.

You see, our challenge to you, the Nerd & Tie fans who might be going to Acen, is to get a selfie with three specific individuals: Trae (duh), Bal Flanagan (of Balnibarbi Illustration) and Gen Prock (of Ocelotdude Designs).

All three of these people will be in the Artist Alley, and here’s a handy map of the area:


Here are the basic rules of the challenge:

  1. You must ask permission before taking any photo. Photos taken without the person’s permission are automatically disqualified
  2. The selfies must be taken at the respective people’s artist tables

Upon completion, email the three selfies to with the subject “Anime Central Trinity.” In the body of the email, include your name.

We don’t expect anyone to bother doing this, but if you do, we will post your selfies to the website to share with the world. Also, one lucky participant will be given a random item pulled out of “The leftover RisingStuff stock” (a defunct vendor I used to work for). It could be an Engrish T-shirt. It could be a handful of Wonderswan games.

You never know.

You Can Now Sponsor ‘Nerd & Tie’

Ever wonder to yourself, “How can I help Nerd & Tie… financially?” Well wonder no more, as we have now launched a new, amazing feature where you can sponsor episodes of the show!

It’s amazing!

For just $20, you can choose to contribute to the podcast whenever you want. All you have to do is go to any page on and look for the “Sponsor” section on the right (or down below on the mobile version). Just click on the Paypal Donate Button, and that’ll get you going.

What does sponsoring the show get you? Well, I’m glad you asked. Sponsoring the show means we’ll read your name at the beginning of the next episode of the podcast. Want us to read a different name than what’s on your Paypal account? Go to the contact form right after donating and drop us a line telling us what you’d like to be called instead (barring obscenities – we’re not reading a name like “F*ckboy Steve”).

Every penny you donate goes towards making sure we here at Nerd & Tie don’t starve to death.

It’s super fun!

It’s this simple:

Step One:

Shoot the $20 to us on PayPal via this button

Step Two:

Go to the contact form, send a message identifying yourself, and include a single sentence of what you want us to say on your behalf!

Find Nerd & Tie at Daisho Con 2014!

Nick, Pher and myself will be all over Daisho Con starting tomorrow in the Wisconsin Dells. The Kalahari Resort shall, indeed, be our geeky playground. We thought we’d tell you where to find us at the event though, in case you also happen to be there. We have days and times for our events, but not rooms – so please check the event guidebook.

Where to find all three of us:

9:00AM Sunday: Nerd & Tie LIVE!
We’re doing a live version of the show in front of whoever feels like getting up that early with us Sunday morning! This is our listener feedback special (and not a regular episode), so we’ll answer questions from the audience and anything you send in to our contact form before Sunday morning. It should be a ton of fun, mostly because of how out of it Nick and I expect Pher to be.

Where to find Nick and Pher

Pher and Nick will be doing various Otaku Tonight events throughout the conventions — and here’s what they are:

10:00PM Friday: One Night Stand (Up)

10:00AM Saturday: Match Game

3:30 PM Saturday: The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu

8:00PM: Saturday: Otaku Tonight with Professor Pher

9:00PM Saturday: Whose Line is it Anime?

Finally, I (Trae) will be in the Artist Alley for most of the event. So if you want to find me and it’s daylight, that’s where I’ll be.

Thoughts on our Live Webcasting Experiment

So we didn’t make a big deal out of it, but we decided to start an experiment in webcasting the show live while we record it — starting with last night’s episode. Considering we gave less than an hour’s notice, we were pretty happy that a handful of you decided to tune in… so we’re going to do it again in two weeks.

We know there were some audio issues (like how I only was coming in on the left channel), but I’ve sorted them out for next time.

We normally record at 6:30PM Central/7:30PM Eastern every other Sunday night. Right now we’re using my old UStream channel, but that may change — but you can always find the current streaming options on this page.

We hope you choose to join us.

Find Nerd & Tie at Geek.kon 2014!

So as some of you may have guessed, Nerd & Tie is rolling out to Geek.kon this weekend at the Marriott Madison West in… Middleton, WI (the city limit of Madison is literally ten feet away from the hotel property).

Anyway, since the three of us will be doing lots of stuff around the con this weekend (including a live version of the podcast), we thought we’d put together a master-post (like we did for No Brand Con) detailing where you can find us.

Because we know you’ll want to find us.

Because we’re awesome.

First off, both Nick and Trae will be in (different) areas of the Artist Alley this weekend — Trae at his “Trae Dorn Productions” table, and Nick helping out “Ineffective Carnivore.”

Continue reading Find Nerd & Tie at Geek.kon 2014!

Episode Delayed Until Tuesday

Just a note – this week’s Nerd & Tie podcast is being delayed until Tuesday, as I (Trae) just got back from driving 500 miles, Pher has a conflict, and Nick doesn’t feel like recording the show alone.

In a cupboard.

Where he lives.

Nick’s life is tragedy.

Anyway, we’ll still be recording a show this week – again, just on Tuesday night. If you need anything else, just enjoy this photo of myself and my wife Crysta with the Rhinelander Hodag I took yesterday:


You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.

Nerd & Tie at No Brand Con!

So this weekend the Nerd & Tie crew is headed to No Brand Con in Eau Claire, WI. We, of course, will be doing another “Nerd & Tie LIVE” show like we did at Daisho Con, but Nick, Pher and Trae will be doing a bunch of other stuff too while they’re there.

And here’s the full list! In this list, you may notice a nice five hour block on Friday Night (9pm-2am) where No Brand Con’s No Mercy Room is taken over completely by Nerd & Tie.

You should be there.

Because it’s important.

Where to find Nick, Pher and Trae!
Nerd & Tie LIVE!
Friday 10:30PM, No Mercy Room
This is the big show. The live recording of the podcast. If you skip this while at No Brand Con, you will have missed out on the best thing ever.

Where to find Nick and Pher!
Whose Line is it Anime?
Saturday 2:00PM, Main Programming

One Night Stand (Up) with Otaku Tonight
Saturday 11:00PM, Multipurpose Room 2

Where to find Nick and Trae!
No Brand Con Cosplay Contest!
Saturday 7:00PM, Main Programming
Nick and Trae are hosting!

Where to find (just) Nick (and maybe some other non-Nerd & Tie folks)!
4th Impact You Can (Not) Be Serious
Friday 9:00PM, No Mercy Room

Moon Cosmic Power Wake Up
Saturday 10:00AM, Subprogramming

Censoring Sakura
Saturday 4:00PM, Main Programming

Hellsing Unabridged
Saturday 11:00PM, No Mercy Room

Music of the Stars: A Look At Macross
Sunday 10:00AM, Main Programming

Kikaider: Pinocchio the Robot
Sunday 12:00PM, Subprogramming

Gundam: 35 Years Later
Sunday 2:00PM, Subprogramming

Where to find (just) Pher (and maybe some other non-Nerd & Tie folks)!
Man Auction
Friday 6:00PM, Subprogramming
You can buy Pher! With moneys!

Where to find (just) Trae (and maybe some other non-Nerd & Tie folks)!
Friday 11:59PM, No Mercy Room

How to art?
Saturday 1:00PM, Main Programming

Download the new Nerd & Tie end theme!

You may have noticed that with our latest episode we changed our end theme. It used to be part of the same song as our opening, but Trae decided to change things up.

Mostly because he accidentally removed the old theme from the episode template and was too lazy to put it back the way it was.

The new end theme is (also) a Lt. Snorkel track, off of the EP Repeated Minds, and it’s a cover of the Regdar and the Fighter’s song “Cloud Burst” (and features vocals by the infamous Vomit Hat Steve).

You can download the track here.