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Awesome Con or Daisho Con?: A Follow-Up Investigation

Author’s Note: This is a follow-up investigation to this article, which appeared on Nerd and Tie’s megablog on Friday, July 11th, 2014, written by Trae Dorn

Wisconsin convention culture has been a rather unique rabbit for the past thirteen years. The Wisconsin con scene used to feature a wide variety of sci-fi and gaming conventions such as Gen Con (before moving to Indianapolis), West Con, Mad Media,  First Contact, and others. However, by the end of the 90s, many of them had died off.  When Gen Con moved out of state in 2002, it left a gap that was immediately filled by a new generation of smaller conventions like No Brand Con. In years that followed, multiple not-for-profit cons sprang up across the state, all generally respectful of one another’s featured guests, events, and most importantly, con dates.

The cardinal rule of the con scene in Wisconsin is that under no circumstance do you encroach on another con’s weekend.

Imagine the surprise of the Wisconsin con scene, then, when it was announced that Awesome Con, a for-profit con that began in Washington, D.C., was moving to both Indianapolis and Milwaukee. Even more surprised, still, when it was announced that Awesome Con Milwaukee would be happening the exact same weekend as an already-established Wisconsin convention, Daisho Con.

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New Trailer For “Horns” Makes It Look Pretty Awesome

imageHorns, based off the book by Joe Hill, stars Daniel Radcliffe as a man persecuted by forces both natural and supernatural.

And the new poster (pictured to the right) and trailer (embedded below) looks pretty sweet.

I wasn’t really excited about this film until I watched the new trailer. But I guess that’s the whole point of trailers, isn’t it.

Horns comes out in the UK on October 31st, and somewhere thereabouts in the US as well.

I think.

We’ll find out.

Via The Mary Sue

Gail Simone Working On Relaunch of Secret Six?

Back when we talked about the new creative team on Batgirl, we mentioned that exiting-writer Gail Simone would be moving to a new, as of yet unannounced DC book.

Simone had left several hints that this new book would feature a “redhead,” but otherwise was fairly tight lipped.

Until she tweeted out the following this weekend:

The writing seemed apparent on the wall, the redhead in question is none other than Scandal Savage and the book is Secret Six.

Simone helped reboot the Secret Six in the mid-00’s, and the book’s pre-New 52 run is considered a classic. For a New 52 Secret Six to come into being would be pretty darned awesome.

And it’s looking pretty likely.

Eight Days of New Weird Al Music Videos Starts WIth “Tacky”

We’ve had some darker posts these last few days with our coverage on both Awesome Con Milwaukee and DashCon, so I thought it would be nice to think of less depressing thoughts.

Some of you might know that Weird Al is putting out what is being called his final “traditional” album, and to celebrate it he’s releasing eight music videos over the next eight days.

The first of which, as you’ve figured out, came out this morning. The song “Tacky” (a parody of Pharrell’s “Happy”) has a music video featuring quite a few big names in comedy… wearing some ridiculous outfits.

So enjoy and take a look.

Via Nerdist

DashCon: A Perfect Storm of Incompetence

There are good cons and bad cons. There are cons that work and cons that don’t. There are cons that succeed and cons that fail. But every once in a blue moon something remarkable comes along. A unique alignment of the stars allowing a very special kind of convention to happen. I’m talking about a true “disaster con.”

And in this case, I’m talking about DashCon. From all reports DashCon may be the most mismanaged, poorly planned event we’ve seen in quite a while.

Or at least since Kaze Con, but that’s a different story. Continue reading DashCon: A Perfect Storm of Incompetence

The Doctor Who Trailer We’ve Been Waiting For

After several teasers we finally have real trailer for the Capaldi era of Doctor Who. What will the Doctor be up to starting August 23rd? Here’s your first glimpse!

No lie. I’m still pretty excited. We still don’t get much of a glimpse at what Capaldi’s performance will be like as the 12th Doctor, but that’s probably for the better as the Doctor himself doesn’t seem quite sure who he is either. But that also means a better opportunity to make a big smash when he does make his proper debut. I do feel the Daleks could do with a rest but there were definitely some new aliens in there and, frankly, who doesn’t love Dinosaurs? This is looking to be a good time indeed.

Robert Orci Not As Involved With Amazing Spider-Man 3 As Sony Would Have You Think

Sony listed Robert Orci as part of the official “brain trust” behind their Spider-Man film franchise, but he doesn’t seem to be as involved as they’d have us believe. Orci co-wrote and was a producer on “Amazing Spider-Man 2,” but has made statements that he’s not officially involved with Amazing Spider-Man 3 right now.

The same Amazing Spider-Man 3 which has a 2017 release date.

His lack of official involvement isn’t SUPER surprising, because Orci is currently cowriting and set to make his directorial debut with the next Star Trek film. That film will come out in 2016 as part of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. What IS surprising though is that Orci doesn’t seem to know Sony’s ongoing plans for the franchise.

Which, if he was truly a part of the team figuring out said plan, he would.

Via Screenrant

Shannara TV Series Greenlit By MTV

You know, I’m like the one person in my family who never read any of the Shannara books. I know all the titles from seeing them on the bookshelves at my parent’s house, but I literally know nothing about them. But maybe I will now, as Terry Brooks announced today that the much discussed ten episode TV series based off “The Elfstones of Shannara” has been greenlit by MTV.

In a post to his website, Brooks said:

Miles Millar and Al Gough are writing the series, and have done an amazing job with the scripts they’ve written at this point. I really couldn’t be happier with how it’s all coming together, and I am very much involved in the process.

Jonathan Liebesman will now direct the first 2 episodes.

I am Executive Producing along with Al Gough, Miles Millar, Jon Favreau, Jonathan Liebesman, and Dan Farah, who I began this long journey with several years ago. Sonar Entertainment is our studio partner. It’s a terrific team and I greatly appreciate and respect each and every person on it.

Via, with thanks to KORfan

‘Awesome Con’ Is Not So Awesome, Steals Established Con’s Weekend

Note: Does Trae sound like a dick in this article? He sure thinks he did. We’re leaving it intact, but please be aware — we at Nerd & Tie all think we were being a bit unfair on this.

A version of this first appeared on Trae’s personal blog.

So as many of you know, I primarily do conventions in two areas: Indiana (where I live) and Wisconsin (where I’m from). I’ve just recently gotten started at expanding into more Indiana events, but it would be an understatement to say I’m highly involved with cons in Wisconsin.

Mostly because I co-founded one of the older, still running ones.

Those of you who have read my blog over the years may have also noted I have a pretty specific philosophy when it comes to how people and organizations in the con scene should interact. I think cons should try to work together cooperatively rather than competitively, as a rising tide can lift all boats if we do it right. I hold everyone to a pretty high standard, and I view what we’re doing in building communities amongst those who haven’t so easily been accepted in society at large as kind of important. And while I am not wholly against for-profit conventions on any sort of principle, as I believe they can be run right, I also have yet to witness that many situations where for-profit outfits don’t come into regions like a bull in a china shop.

I can get a bit preachy, I know.

And Wisconsin has been a nice little refuge, with almost an entirely non-profit, fan run con scene. Even the largest con currently in the area, Anime Milwaukee, is managed with some pretty solid principles. Sure, not everyone is perfect – and conflict happens, but overall stuff has been pretty peaceful.

Cons work together, stay away from each others weekends, and have built a community unlike anywhere else I’ve been to.

Anyway, all of that should serve as background to how I’m reacting to a very particular email I received yesterday.

An email which has me a bit angry.

Because you know that bull I mentioned earlier? It’s just driven a truck through the china shop’s front window. Continue reading ‘Awesome Con’ Is Not So Awesome, Steals Established Con’s Weekend

New Trailer For Ghostbusters Theatrical Re-Release

So some of you may not know this yet, but Sony Pictures is re-releasing the original Ghostbusters film in theaters on August 29th in celebration of the film’s 30th Anniversary.

Commence all of us who watched the film as kids feeling really old… now.

Anyway, to promote said re-release, Sony has put out a new Ghostbusters trailer. And it’s very Ghostbuster-y. Personally, I’m excited about the re-release. I never got to see the film in theaters when I was little, so this’ll be my first opportunity to do so. I mean, sure, I’ve watched the film at least three times this year already, but the big screen is the big screen.

It’ll only be in theaters for a week though, so come labor day weekend, y’all better get your butts in seats if you don’t want to miss it.

via Slashfilm