Hall of Awesome

Every episode, at the end of the “Mailbag” segment, Trae reads the Vomit Hat Steve letter. Vomit Hat Steve is, for the record, a real person – a real person who sometimes listens to the show but never actually writes in. Trae threatened, in an early episode, to just start making up letters from Vomit Hat Steve until he actually wrote in.

After getting bored coming up with things himself, Trae just started to read random portions of books from around his apartment.

And stated that anyone who guessed what book he was reading from would be included in the “Hall of Awesome.”

So, over time and episodes, these are the people who have written in on the contact form with the correct answer:

Rena Innocenti
Cheesy McDamnYou
Slithery Dee
Shameless Otaku
The Random Ramblings Man
Chris Graham
Lily Saurus
Paper Godzilla
MN Librarians

If you want to get on this list… guess the book.

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