3DOh No! (The Series)

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3DOh No! is a limited series of Let’s Play videos produced by Nerd & Tie featuring the 3DO. A spiritual successor to Trae’s old review show 3DO To Go, Trae tackles games with zero foreknowledge of what they’re going to play and often is stuck with Japanese import copies that they can’t read. Episodes update sporadically.

Mostly this was a terrible idea.

Host: Trae Dorn

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3DO to Go!

Before 3DOh No!, there was 3DO to Go. 3DO to Go was a 3DO themed review show hosted by Trae produced in conjunction with the now defunct video game import site “Rising Stuff.” A ten episode season was made, and over time all of the episodes have been reposted to Nerd & Tie. 3DOh No! may be formatted differently, but is effectively the reincarnation of this show. Enjoy.