Even More “Underworld” in the Works… Still Because of “Reasons”

So back in August we talked about a potential Underworld reboot in the works. Apparently that film isn’t so much a reboot as it is a spinoff film which won’t break continuity.

This is important, because (as Screenrant is reporting) they’re also working on a new Underworld film that will star series lead Kate Beckinsale. And if that weren’t enough, apparently they also want to make an Underworld television series.

All this has me asking, who the heck wanted more of this franchise? Because I honestly didn’t think the demand was out there.

Via Screenrant

Is Cosplay’s Popularity a Sign of America’s Economic Downfall?

Take a breath, no one is blaming cosplayers for the downfall of America’s future – far from it. James Pethokoukis over at The Week thinks the rise of Cosplay is because of the economic stagnation, and he makes an interesting case. Pethokoukis argues that when you have a bunch of people who can’t find work, they’re more likely to have the time to indulge in escapism. He’s not saying escapism is the cause, not even close.

He’s saying that economic stagnation is the fire, and the increase in cosplay is the smoke.

It’s an interesting point, but I’m not sure if I agree with him. Pethokoukis states that cosplay’s popularity in Japan is because of Japan’s own economic stagnation, and I’ll take his word for it. But the increase in Cosplay is directly in sync with the increase in popularity of Japanese media in American nerdom. Was cosplay less popular with cons in 1995? Yes. But Anime was a much more niche genre in America then. Even in the early 2000s though, cosplay was huge at Anime cons in the US, and I think it’s just a case of the popularity of Anime affecting the numbers.

Pethokoukis thinks this is an ice cream sales/crime wave correlation. I think it’s more a Bing search/potato sales situation.

Who knows who’s right?

Well I do. I’m right. This is stupid.

Via The Week (through ANN)

One Obi-Wan Kenobi Film is Not Enough, I Must Have Three!

I know that I shouldn’t use old inside jokes none of our readers will get as headlines, but I couldn’t resist this particular one as the most interesting rumor coming out of Star Wars-ville is that instead of just one Obi-Wan Kenobi film, they want to make three.

And these wouldn’t be a trilogy — each film would stand completely on its own. Three stand alone Obi-Wan Kenobi films.

Which I wouldn’t mind at all.

We’re still in the “crazy-ass rumor” phase of this particular piece of news, but since Ewan McGregor (the lone bright spot of the prequels) loves playing Kenobi so much, it’s not completely unbelievable.

Time will tell.

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“Independence Day” Sequel Getting More Concrete

So a sequel to the 1996 film Independence Day (or ID4 as us cool kids call it) has been a recurring rumor for quite some time. Every couple of years it seems to be that thing that people want to do. Well, this time around it seems a bit more concrete than it was before.

When talking with Time, actor Jeff Goldblum said that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin not only have a script but that they want him in the sequel.

This is more than we’ve gotten in past rumors, but remember to take it with a helpful dose of salt.

Via Time

Are you ready for a “Gritty” Fantastic Four Movie? I’m Not.

So we’ve already established that in the upcoming Fox reboot of the Fantastic Four films that Doctor Doom looks like No Brand Con Mascot Duct Tape Boy, but did you know the film was going for a “gritty” feel?

It is, according to actor Michael B. Jordan (who is playing the Human Torch in the reboot). Specifically, he said “It’s gritty. It’s a gritty film.”

And I don’t know if I’m a fan of that idea.

While they’ve been produced by a different studio, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has proven that you don’t need to be gritty and dark to make a good superhero flick, and the Fantastic Four is a property that (at least personally I think) works best when it embraces its campy origins. I’m not saying it can never be dark (far from it), but if you’re going to make a two hour picture as a starting point for their story… it just seems off.

Hopefully what Jordan meant was just that there was a lot of dust and dirt on set.

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Squirrel Girl Gets an Ongoing Title!

In a move that brings joy to even the darkest caverns of our black, black hearts, Marvel comics has announced that Squirrel Girl will get her her own ongoing title.

You read that correctly, and yes you may start screaming for joy.

Written by Ryan “Dinosaur Comics” North and drawn by artist Erica Henderson, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comes out this January. And like I said, we’re very, very excited about it. The series will follow Squirrel Girl as she heads off to college… and I seriously couldn’t imagine a better premise for the book.

I mean, it’s Squirrel Girl for pete’s sake. It’s impossible not to love everything about this.

Via EW

Naruto Manga Coming To An End… Believe It!

Our long, international nightmare is finally over… as on November 10th, the final installment in the Naruto manga will be released to the public in the 50th issue of Shonen Jump. I know we have all suffered over these last fifteen years, but it’s finally over.

Seriously, Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto has been going since 1999. If I didn’t dislike the series so much, I’d be exceptionally impressed. Back in 2012 Kishimoto said that the series was coming to its climax, so it sort of makes sense for it to end two years later.

(Note: if you actually like Naruto, that’s fine too – everyone has their own thing. Some people like marzipan too – I ain’t judging,)

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Episode 31 – Nightmare of Happiness

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we examine the terrible idea of Tetris the Movie, Clerks 3 gets funding, Joaquin Phoenix ISN’T going to be Doctor Strange, DC’s Carnival of Sadness now covers T-Shirts, Shatner will be in the 3rd Abramsverse Trek film, and a registered sex offender has been working Minneapolis conventions.

There’s no joke about that last item.

Joaquin Phoenix Won’t Be Playing Doctor Strange

For quite some time, Joaquin Phoenix has been in talks with Marvel to star in their forthcoming Doctor Strange film, but according to THR it appears those talks have finally fallen apart. It’s too bad, as Phoenix would have been an interesting fit for the Sorcerer Supreme.

Scott Derrickson is still directing the film, and they’re currently searching for a new leading man. The newest name being passed around, of course, is that Ethan Hawke is up for the role, but that’s still just sort of an ethereal, unfounded rumor at this point.

Who knows what will happen.


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