New Dumb Star Wars Rumor: Wrestler ‘Sheamus’ To Play Darth Vader

Now that Steven Moffat’s involvement in Star Wars has been thoroughly debunked, I hoped that we were due for a new crazy-ass, untrue rumor to start floating around about the Star Wars sequels.

And my wishes have been granted.

Apparently, the newspaper Irish Mirror is reporting that WWE wrestler ‘Sheamus’ (real name Stephen Farrelly) has been cast in Episode VII as Darth Vader. Their reasoning? Sheamus has played Vader in promotions and he happens to be in Ireland (where Star Wars is filming).

Yep. That’s it.

Nevermind that Vader is dead, and the Special Editions revamped Anakin Skywalker’s force ghost… doesn’t really look like a wrestler. Or that ‘Sheamus’ actually is Irish and might have other reasons to go to Ireland.

We expect this to get debunked pretty quickly, but hey — enjoy the stupid while you can.


The CW’s Arrow casts a Wildcat

The newest casting news for The CW’s Arrow has J.R. Ramirez playing Ted Grant (aka Wildcat) in season 3. Wildcat first premiered in Sensation Comics #1 (in the same issue as Wonder Woman), and is in classic DC Comics canon responsible for training Black Canary and several other key heroes.

He was also a Justice Society member.

Which makes me thing – with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman off the table (and a Justice League film in the works), maybe The CW (between Arrow and The Flash) isn’t so much building to a B-List Justice League as it is building a Justice Society.

It’s just a thought.

Via TVLine

Episode 26 – Incompetence, Not Malice

On this installment of the podcast, we discuss the DashCon fiasco, the Awesome Con conundrum, and the hopes of the Nezumi Con Indiegogo campaign.

We also talk about the changes coming to Marvel comics with different characters taking up the helms of Thor and Captain America, Arrowverse casting, Harmony Gold not being awful for once, Homestar Runner coming back from the dead, and the expansion of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

It’s exciting.

Marvel Announces “Guardians of the Galaxy” Animated Series, Wants to Be Your Favorite Thing Forever

In an ongoing effort to give us everything we didn’t know we actually wanted,  Marvel announced a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series to air on Disney XD. They made this announcement alongside a one-minute preview featuring Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon, a sentence that I don’t think I will ever grow tired of typing.

The announcement happened during a panel that also featured more information about already-established animated series Avengers Assemble and Agents of S.M.A.S.H. It was also announced that Agents of S.M.A.S.H. is going to tie directly into Guardians of the Galaxy, which comes out in approximately 2 days, 8 hours, 45 minutes, and 30 seconds. Not that anyone’s counting.

If we can take anything away from Marvel’s presence at Comic Con this year, it’s that they are doing everything they can to take over every facet of your life, and that’s not exactly a bad thing.

via, Image via AV Club

Agents of SHIELD getting their comic book counterparts

The problem with San Diego Comic Con is that so much stuff gets announced, it’s sometimes hard to catch everything. One of those things we hadn’t reported on was how Marvel comics is going to be adapting the characters from TV show Agents of SHIELD into a comic set in the Marvel Comics Universe proper.

Now, while Phil Coulson had already made the leap from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Marvel Comics Universe, the rest of his team hadn’t so far. The new ongoing, written by Mark Waid, will include the comics universe debut of the counterparts for Fitz, Simmons and May.

This comic will be set firmly in the Marvel Comics Universe, and it kind of makes this interesting. While SHIELD proper obviously started in the comics, the main cast of Agents of SHIELD is original to the TV show. While the interactions between the Cinematic and Comics universes have usually seen Cinematic properties being adapted from Comics properties, this is the first time a title has been headed by characters who transitioned the opposite direction.

“SHIELD” will debut its first issue in December.

Via Comic Book Resources

‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ trailer just as cool as you thought it would be

Did you think we were going to forget about the trailer for the final installment in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit films? Well we didn’t!

The trailer, oddly enough, features “The Edge of Night” — which you’ll remember is sung by Billy Boyd’s character Pippin in “Return of the King” (Boyd wrote the melody, the lyrics come from Tolkien). Since I doubt a likely-unborn-yet Pippin is going to show up at the Battle of the Five Armies, my money is on Jackson picking it for the trailer because of its haunting melody.

And boy does it work.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Trailer Looks Surprisingly Not Bad

I’ve been fairly skeptical about the new Mad Max film starring Tom Hardy. I mean, it’s not that the originals are some untouchable set of classics or something, but were they really something that was screaming to be remade? We all remember Beyond Thunderdome. I mean, Master Blaster, right?

But lo and behold, the new Mad Max film has a fairly entertaining trailer. And while I know that Trailers are often waaaay better than the films they advertise, I might actually give this 2015 film starring Tom Hardy a shot.

An Open Letter to the owner of

So we’ve written a few things about Awesome Con here on Nerd & Tie, but believe it or not this isn’t about that particular organization (sort of).

No, this is about one of you.

You see, while checking through our referring link report on Nerd & Tie, I saw a surprising URL listed:

At least while I’m writing this, typing in in your URL bar takes you to this article I wrote a couple weeks ago. And while I stand behind that piece (and Pher’s more even handed follow up), there is one thing I want to make absolutely clear:

None of us at Nerd & Tie purchased that domain name, and we are not in control of it. Continue reading An Open Letter to the owner of

Evil Dead TV series in development, would star Bruce Campbell

With one of the most unexpected announcements to come out of San Diego Comic Con, Sam Raimi announced that his brother Ivan Raimi and Bruce Campbell were working on putting together an Evil Dead television series. Campbell, of course, starred in the original Evil Dead trilogy of films as the protagonist Ashley “Ash” Williams.

Little to no details have been revealed, and there’s a chance that this will go nowhere. All we really know for certain is that if this does come together, Campbell will star.

The 2013 remake/reboot/sequel of Evil Dead was supposed to link in to the original trilogy, but we’ve heard very little about that. Whether this TV series would connect to the remake is unknown, because as I just wrote a few moments ago we pretty much know nothing.

But hey, I’m just happy this is a possibility.

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Episode Delayed Until Tuesday

Just a note – this week’s Nerd & Tie podcast is being delayed until Tuesday, as I (Trae) just got back from driving 500 miles, Pher has a conflict, and Nick doesn’t feel like recording the show alone.

In a cupboard.

Where he lives.

Nick’s life is tragedy.

Anyway, we’ll still be recording a show this week – again, just on Tuesday night. If you need anything else, just enjoy this photo of myself and my wife Crysta with the Rhinelander Hodag I took yesterday:


You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.

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