The “Ant-Man” Teaser Trailer is Here

So we’ve known for sure since last week’s “Ant-Size” promo that Marvel was planning on releasing the first teaser trailer for Ant-Man alongside last night’s premiere of Agent Carter. Well, for those of you who missed it (like the people who watch their shows on Hulu the next day… like me), here it is in all its glory.

So sit back, and enjoy Paul Rudd riding a bug.

Yes, that really happens.

Channing Tatum led “Gambit” Film Coming October 7, 2016

We know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for a Gambit film set in Fox’s X-men franchise. Or at the very least you’ve said “Eh, that could be decent.” Either way, it’s not a terrible thing, and since life seems to be occupied by terrible things lately, I’m choosing to get excited for it.

I have very, very low standards right now.

Tatum was revealed to be cast to play the Cajun member of the X-men in a solo film a while back, but everyone was expecting a 2018 release date. Well, according to Channing Tatum’s twitter account, it’s coming a bit sooner than that:

So Hooray! I guess! This isn’t a bad thing at the very least!

Via Polygon

Scarlett Johansson to Star in Live Action “Ghost in the Shell,” Everything is Terrible

Look, don’t get me wrong – I like Scarlett Johansson quite a bit. She’s an excellent actress with a talent for action. I personally would run around with sparklers screaming “HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING” if Marvel announced a stand alone Black Widow movie starring her.

But that’s not what’s happening.

What is happening is that Variety is reporting Johansson has been cast to star in the forthcoming DreamWorks’ adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. Ghost in the Shell is also something that I love — but it’s a distinctly Japanese property.

With a distinctly Japanese protagonist.

Who should not be played by a distinctly white person.

So yeah, everything is now distinctly terrible, thank you very much. I now hate everything.

Via Variety

Jeff Wadlow Has Completed a “Masters of the Universe” Script

Masters of the Universe is a property people seem obsessed with dragging back from obscurity, yet it never seems to quite work out. Apparently though, Jeff Wadlow has now completed a script for the seemingly-forever-limbo’d film.

The project was dragged back out again originally with John Chu to direct, but he dropped out when Wadlow was brought on board. The script has been the responsibility of half a dozen writers up to this point, and who knows whose work remains in the current draft.

Do we really need a Masters of the Universe reboot? Probably not. Honestly, the target demo is aging (and seemingly uninterested in a sci-fi Conan rip-off) and every other attempt to bring it back has failed miserably.

Frankly, this is all probably a terrible idea.

Via Screenrant

Orci No Longer Even Writing Star Trek 3ish

How out is Robert Orci when it comes to the third Abramsverse Star Trek film? Not only is he no longer directing the film, but now he’s no longer writing it either. Orci is still producing Star Trek 3ish, but how much this is an actual creative role or a contractually obligated paycheck/onscreen credit is unknown.

The cynic in me says that Orci is out entirely and the remaining Producer credit is Hollywood face-saving.

Via GamesRadar

Episode 37 – 2014 in Review

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we do our second annual “Year in Review” episode – designed to take you across a magical wonderland of the best and worst that 2014 had to offer. From the wonders of the Flash and Constantine to the horrors of the non-Gundam Sunrise anime series, we cover everything and anything worth covering.

I think.

Two of us were pretty sick this episode, so we’re not sure what actually made it in and what wasn’t a fever dream.

Video Version:

Audio Version:

Throwback Thursday: Deck Us All With Boston Charlie

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and “Happy December 25th!” to everyone else. On this Throwback Thursday, we go back to the wilds of 2008, when I pulled out my Guitar Hero controller-turned MIDI instrument and sang “Deck us all with Boston Charlie” — a Deck the Halls variant penned for Walk Kelly’s Pogo comic strip.

If you are unfamiliar with Pogo, get familiar with Pogo.

Anywho, everyone here at Nerd & Tie wishes you a safe and happy holiday!

Justin Lin to Direct Star Trek 3ish

According to Deadline, Justin Lin has been tapped to direct the third Abramsverse Star Trek film. Lin is best known to the general public as the director of the third through sixth installments of The Fast and the Furious franchise. Of course, I knew his name instantly because he directed several key first season episodes of Community — most importantly, the infamous “Modern Warfare” paintball episode.

So the guy has at least a little nerd cred.

It’s a very different choice than Orci (who was originally slated to direct), but as long as the script is decent, Lin’s not a bad choice. He’s very talented at making whatever he’s given visually interesting – it all depends on whether or not the writing is worthy of his skill.

Let’s just hope it is.

Via Screenrant

Wonder Woman Film Not Actually Greenlit?

We all rejoiced when Warner Bros told us Wonder Woman would get her own film in 2017. We celebrated the hiring of Michelle MacLaren as director. Everything looked great.

Except… not so much.

You see, that 2017 release date? It’s not so much a release date as it is a “release date.” Talking with Vulture, MacLaren revealed:

[S]he warns that at the moment there is no script, no release date. There’s not even an official green light from the film’s releasing studio, Warner Bros. – and even if there were, nondisclosure agreements and her paranoia about jinxing things would keep her mum.

So Warner Bros. talked big in the face of the Marvel monolith, but doesn’t have the faith in its own properties to execute.

That’s what this tells me.

Via Vulture

PSA: “Constantine” Moving to 8/7C on January 16th

NBC’s official Constantine tweeted out the following, regarding the show’s return from mid-season hiatus on January 16th:

We’re pretty big fans of Constantine here at Nerd & Tie, but the show has had some rocky ratings. Moving timeslots is risky, but an earlier one like this is usually a good sign.

Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

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