Area 51 Builds New Structure

So Foxtrot Alpha is reporting that Area 51 has a mysterious new hangar on site.

The location of this new structure, measuring about 225 feet across, is interesting as it is located right off the end of the runway, far south of the rest of the base. This location would keep it out of the immediate view of the general apron area, and would also allow for quick access to the runway, resulting in minimal taxi times.


This new hangar could also provide ‘scoot and hide’ support for large test articles, once again to protect them from overflying satellites, although this has never been needed in the past half century of operations at Area 51, so it is a little puzzling as to why it would be needed now. Additionally, adding such a facility to just one end of the base’s long runway system seems strange. If large scoot and hide shelters are a hard requirement, than putting just one at one end of the base makes little sense.

Personally, I think the new hangar is to hold the massive collection of Yugioh cards the Air Force keeps on hand at all times in case they’re required to duel en masse against an invading nation.

…it’s just a thought.

Via Foxtrot Alpha

Haven Season 5 Gets Premiere Date

Haven, Syfy’s supernatural drama, finally has a date for coming back. Cast member Eric Balfour tweeted out the following yesterday:

Season 5 will pick up immediately after the Season 4 cliffhanger’s ending, and personally I’m looking forward to the show’s return.

The theme song is already going through my head.

Via TVLine

Throwback Thursday: Nick Izumi Takes on CLAMP

This Throwback Thursday we’re going back into the archives of The Nick Izumi Show. Why? Because I like The Nick Izumi Show, that’s why. It’s not that complicated.

For this particular installment, we dig back to 2009, when Nick dug his teeth into the infamous CLAMP, a group of all women Manga-ka that formed in the 80s. CLAMP has had a major influence over the industry over the last several decades, and whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that Manga and Anime wouldn’t be quite the same without them.

J. Michael Straczysnki Planning Babylon 5 Reboot

One of the things we missed in the information blast that is San Diego Comic Con was that J. Michael Straczynski is currently writing a feature film reboot of Babylon 5.

JMS is, of course, the creator and primary writer of most of Babylon 5, so this is one of those few times where a reboot doesn’t bother me and a creator revisiting their own work doesn’t bother me either (as he’s leaving the original TV series alone). The film would be a complete reboot of the premise, although JMS has said he’d like to bring back some of the original actors in different roles as an homage to the show’s original run.

Now before you get too excited (or at least the five other people who watched Babylon 5 with me way back), this movie has not been greenlit by any studio… yet.

But man, wouldn’t it be great?


‘Arrested Development’ Season 5: Not If, But When.

While Arrested Development may very well be one of the best shows that most of America ignored, it has done fairly well on streaming services and DVD since its cancellation. Originally, when Netflix produced Season 4, it really seemed like it was likely the last we’d ever get of the show.

Well, we shouldn’t have counted our poorly imitated chickens before they hatched.

In an interview with USA Today, Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer for Netflix) said he was fairly confident there would be another season. As show creator Mitch Hurwitz is on board, the main issue is the biggest one the show has always faced in its attempts at revival: the cast’s availability.

Season 4 ended up a little weird (and not quite as good as the previous seasons) because cast availability forced the show to plot an overlapping story that rarely had characters interacting with each other. While it was a heck of a lot better than no Arrested Development, it was pretty noticeable.

But hey, the sooner we can see more of the Bluth family, the better.

Via Screenrant

Batman and Superman Moving over for Captain America in 2016, DC Announces Release Dates for 9 More Films

In a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone after seeing the box-office for Guardians of the Galaxy,  DC has officially moved up the release date of Batman v. Superman to March 25, 2016. The film was planned to be released on May 6, 2016 to go up against Captain America 3, but its pretty safe to assume the WB and DC decided to back down following the success Marvel has already had last weekend with everyone’s new favorite band of Cosmic Renegades.

DC seemed to be banking on the already popular Batman and Superman, especially giving Batman top billing, but it seems that the age of the old-guard popular Superhero may be coming to a close.

DC has also locked down release dates for nine untitled superhero films they plan on releasing between 2016 and 2020, adopting the same “two-films-a-year” method as Marvel. That said with Marvel ready to close Phase 2 of its cinematic franchise, one can’t help but wonder if DC is showing up late to a fight they’ve already lost.

Via: Variety

Let Chris Pratt take you on a Cribs-style tour of the Milano

We always say the more Guardians of the Galaxy the better here at Nerd & Tie — so needless to say this particular featurette piqued my interest. In it, Chris Pratt takes us on a tour of the sets for the Milano (you can guess who Peter Quill named it after). Shot like an episode of MTV’s Cribs, it’s pretty damned entertaining.

Via Vulture

Some plot to ‘Batman v. Superman’ leaked, surprisingly some of it even makes sense!

We finally now have a bit more plot detail trickling out about Batman v. Superman, the sequel to last year’s very un-Superman-like Superman film Man of Steel. Color us skeptical about the upcoming installment in the DC Carnival of Sadness, but much to our surprise, a few of these even seem to make sense.

We’re as shocked as you are.

According to Badass Digest, in the Man of Steel universe, Batman has been operating in secret for 30 years – never photographed and believed to be an urban legend. Wonder Woman has apparently also been operating for years, as had Aquaman – but both have done so in secret.

Mostly it’s “Oh, there have been superheroes, they’re just not dumb enough to go out and destroy a city and get noticed.”

In that vein, Batman on Film is reporting that there will be a very anti-Superman theme in the film, with people marching in the streets against him. Honestly that strikes me as the most realistic thing I could possibly think of. Because Man of Steel’s Superman is a menace and is responsible for so much destruction it’s incredible.


All of this information comes from unsourced leaks, so take it with a grain of salt.

Via Badass Digest, Batman on Film

Artist Randy Queen Abusing DMCA to Silence Critic

More than a few of you may be familiar with Escher Girls, a blog that (with a good does of humor) criticizes unrealistic portrayals of women in comics. It happens to be a personal favorite of mine, and I’d recommend any comics fan check it out.

Randy Queen, best known for Darkchylde, has had his work end up on the site several times (and rightfully so). Rather than accept the critique (or even just swear a bunch and have a tantrum), Queen sent DMCA takedown notices to Tumblr, which hosts Escher Girls, for any posts which contained his art. These posts included “redraws,” in which Escher Girl readers submit their own art in which they attempt to correct the anatomical errors in the original work, and in all of these cases there is a solid fair use defense.

But Randy Queen doesn’t care.

Escher Girls made a post about the take downs, and in a display of pure ludicrous chutzpa Randy Queen sent a takedown notice for that post even though it contained no art whatsoever.

It’s just bizarre.

The story continues (and gets more complex), but Ami (the sole person running Escher Girls) has posted a comprehensive timeline of events along with what’s happening now.

It’s definitely worth a read.

Update: It looks like Mr. Queen may have come to his senses. (thanks Wurm!)

Update 2: Randy Queen reached out to Ami of Escher Girls, and it looks like things have ended amicably.

Frozen’s Jennifer Lee adapting ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ for Disney

If I had to pick one of the strangest books from my childhood, one of them would most likely be A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. But Disney bought the rights to adapt it back in 2010, and while things started out promising, the projects stalled.

Well, until now.

With the success of Frozen, Jennifer Lee (who wrote the screenplay and co-directed the film) had pretty much her choice of projects at Disney… and this is what she picked.

Once Lee completes the screenplay, it’s unclear where the project will go next – whether she’ll be retained to direct it or if it will be handed off to someone else. Either way, it should be interesting to see how closely she stays to the source material, considering how much Frozen deviated from The Snow Queen.

As long as Uriel is populated by cracked out centaur-ish creatures I’ll be okay with it though.

Via Screenrant

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