DC Comics Contemplating Legal Action Against Yale Stewart?

So we talked about Yale Stewart’s problems last week, and there appears to be a slightly new wrinkle: DC Comics may be considering legal action to stop Stewart from releasing new works.

Now, as mentioned previously, Stewart’s comic JL8 uses DC properties without any license. According to Bleeding Cool:

And the truth is, DC Comics turned a blind eye to these activities, because they liked them, they like Yale, they liked what he was doing – and feared a backlash, even within their own walls, if they did anything like sent a Cease And Desist letter.

Well, in the light of recent events, it’s felt that that publicity backlash might not be as strong as it was before.

I’m told from internal DC sources that DC Comics will be taking action against Yale Stewart’s sales, even those used to raise money for good causes. And that it’s quite the talk of the DC offices.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Via Bleeding Cool

The First Official Dancing Groot Toy

So most of us after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy (repeatedly in some cases) immediately wanted our own Dancing Groot toy. Well, at least I did. Fans went and made their own, from the simple to the sophisticated, but nothing official was on the horizon.

Well, until now.

Ryan Penagos of Marvel Digital Media tweeted the following:

In another tweet he revealed that these would go up for pre-order soon. Sure its a bobble head and not an animatronic toy, but it’s still pretty neat.

Via io9

Episode 28 – Live at Geek.kon 2014

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we were live at Geek.kon 2014 in Madison, WI. We talk about the cast changes at Mythbusters, the complicated legal issues surrounding Ryan Kopf’s AnimeCon.org, details about the filming of Ant-Man, Jenna-Louise Coleman’s possible departure from Doctor Who, Peter Quill’s parentage in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and your letters.

We also interact with the audience a bit. Which is always fun.

Brian Patrick Wade to play The Absorbing Man in Agents of SHIELD

Brian Patrick Wade will play Crusher Creel (aka “The Absording Man”) in the season premiere of Agents of SHIELD according to an announcement on Marvel.com. This adds yet another major Marvel character to an otherwise packed season.

Who is The Absorbing Man? Well, CBR best broke it down:

The Absorbing Man is one of Marvel’s longest-running villains, introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965’s “Journey into Mystery” #114. Frequently depicted targeting Hulk, Thor and the Avengers as a group (including stints as a member of the Masters of Evil), this is the first time the Absorbing Man will be portrayed in live-action — though elements of the character’s powers were used for Nick Nolte’s character, Dr. David Banner, in 2003’s “Hulk” film.

So yeah, this should be fun.


Evangeline Lilly is Looking Kinda Wasp-y.

So we’ve known Evangeline Lilly will be playing Hope Van Dyne in the upcoming Ant-Man, but what her role in the plot will be remains a mystery. Perhaps this picture she posted on Instagram is a hint.


Lots of fans have notice quite a bit of a resemblance to 60s Wasp.  If that’s the case, great.  Marvel’s getting the idea of these female super heroes, now lets see one of them as the lead!

Vincent D’Onofrio on playing Kingpin

So we all know by now that Vincent D’Onofrio is playing Kingpin in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Daredevil. Or, at the very least, if you didn’t know before, you know now. Anywho, Comics Alliance has an interview up with D’Onofrio where he talks about playing a Marvel character:

Yeah. I mean, it’s kinda cool. The thing about Marvel is that they’re not – they’re into real acting. They’re looking for artists that are willing to take chances and are willing to create characters, even if that character has been around for years and years in comic books, they still are depending on us to create something and take it somewhere else.

Robert Downey [Jr.] is the perfect example of that. Who knew that Iron Man was going to be who Robert made him?

Head on over to Comics Alliance to read the rest of the interview.

Via Comics Alliance

Webcomic Artist Yale Stewart Does Everything Wrong

Yale Stewart, the creator of the webcomic JL8,is at the center of not one but two scandals right now… and it’s kind of amazing when you parse it out. I mean, we are literally spanning the gamut of artistic integrity to dick-pics here.

It’s kind of incredible.

Before we get started down this bizarre road of the full spectrum of inappropriate behavior, we should probably explain who the heck this guy is in the first place, and what he does. Continue reading Webcomic Artist Yale Stewart Does Everything Wrong

Jessica Drew Just Can’t Catch a Break

While many of us were excited to find out that Jessica Drew (aka Spider-Woman) was getting her own solo comic series, disappointment seemed to abound once Greg Land was announced as the regular artist on the series. Disappointment that was confirmed when we saw the cover to Spider-Woman #1, in which it appears that Jessica Drew’s legs had melted off.

And that was, y’know, unfortunate but not surprising.

But then we saw Milo Manara’s variant cover. And while only a few people will end up with copies of it, the very fact that it exists… well… hurts my soul? Yes, it hurts my soul. You can see it for yourself:


I think that position was best described by io9 as “presenting.” There are so many things wrong with this image, from the blatant male-gazey-ness to the complete misunderstanding of how fabric works (unless that costume is supposed to be body paint). I honestly am at a loss for words.

This is just… terrible? Terrible.

The Real Story Behind Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four

We’ve all heard the story about the never-released Roger Corman directed Fantastic Four film — that it was made to keep the rights to the series, and was never meant to be released. Well, if that’s true, no one ever bothered to tell the people making the movie that.

And now with the documentary entitled DOOMED, they’re telling their side of the story.

Watch the trailer below:

Via io9

First Official Image of Paul Rudd in a Hoodie– um, I mean “as Scott Lang”

So Disney has released the first official image of Paul Rudd as “Scott Lang.” I’d say “as Ant-Man” like some other websites I’ve seen that shall remain nameless, but it’s not. He’s not in the superhero suit, so he’s just Scott Lang.

Pretty straight forward.

Anyway, it’s not super exciting, because if you’ve ever imagined Paul Rudd with stubble and wearing a hoodie… you already pretty much know what this is going to look like.

But I’ll show you anyway. Because I’m a cool guy. Here you go:


Was it everything you ever dreamed it would be?

Via EW

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