All the Good Parts of Transformers in One 20-Minute Supercut

Michael Bay is a lot of different things: Hacky, trollish, predictable,  egotistical, etc. The list goes on. But we can all agree that the guy loads up the Transformers movies with a hell of a lot of robot punching, right?


One masochistic YouTube user decided to comb through the original Transformers trilogy and compile every instance of the titular bots punching each other across the sky. The result? Only 20 minutes of an almost 8 hour trilogy features fighting robots. On the plus side, it’s the only 20 minutes you’re ever going to need to see from the first three movies.

Kinda puts the complaints about 45 minutes of Godzilla‘s monster fighting into perspective, huh?

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Batgirl Gets a New Creative Team, Art Style, Costume

Starting in October, DC Comic’s Batgirl will have a new creative team. New writers, new artist, new everything.

Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher will be taking over writing duties from Gail Simone (who is exiting to work on other projects — this isn’t like the last time she “left” the book), and newcomer Babs Tarr will be taking over art duties. Batgirl will also get a new costume, designed to be a bit more utilitarian and realistic than her current garb.

Or, y’know, as realistic as a bat-costume can get.

I will admit I’m a little nervous about new writers on the book, especially with the great work Simone has done with some of the supporting cast (like Alysia Yeoh), but this is an industry where everyone moves on at some point. We always knew Simone wouldn’t be writing Batgirl forever, and it had to happen some day.

As for the art, Babs Tarr’s style is a significant departure from what we usually see at DC, and it’s pretty refreshing. I am excited to see what she’ll do with the book.



Can We Just Retire the Mystical Pregnancy Trope Already?

So I decided to give the new Halle Berry Science Fiction show “Extant” a shot. It has a good cast, and I’m always willing to check out some new “genre television.” Much to my disappointment though, the series focuses on what is likely my least favorite trope in all of sci fi and fantasy television. You see Halle Berry’s character is Space Pregnant. That’s right, even though she’s been in space alone for 13 months, she’s come back with an alien bun in the oven.

And it’s stupid.

It’s the science fiction variation of Mystical Pregnancy trope. I hated it back when Star Trek: The Next Generation did it with “The Child,” and I hate it now. Maybe there was a point in its history where is wasn’t terrible, but we have long surpassed that point. Continue reading Can We Just Retire the Mystical Pregnancy Trope Already?

Throwback Thursday: Nick Izumi Takes On The Clone Wars

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time to dial up our timebooths to somewhere in the past and toss up whatever the hell we find! This week’s installment of Throwback Thursday finds its way out of 2008 when Nick Izumi first reacted to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

That would be the SECOND Clone Wars series, not to be confused with the OTHER Clone Wars series.

It’s all very confusing.

Break Out Your Best Limozeen T-Shirt Because Homestar Runner Is Coming Back!

So apprarently the April Fools cartoon on Homestar Runner website was a test to see how many people would watch a new cartoon. Apparently it was a smashing success, as the brothers Chapman have decided to bring back Homestar Runner starting this fall.

According to comments made on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show podcast, they already have plans for a new Strong Bad email, and they’re considering creating a Tumblr for Strong Sad.

That would be very, very appropriate.

Homestar Runner was a big part of early-2000s internet culture, and it’s amazing to think it might come back. I have vivid memories of watching flash cartoons with my friends. No word if the newly produced content will work for those of us who don’t use devices with flash installed anymore.

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Robbie Amell Cast as Firestorm in CW’s Flash Series

Robbie Amell, cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell, has been cast as Firestorm in the upcoming Flash TV series. Robbie Amell is, of course, available because the CW chose to cancel the remake of The Tomorrow People which he’d been starring in. I have no idea which version of “The Nuclear Man” Firestorm’s origin the show will be using, but I don’t doubt that I’ll be confused by it.

I’ve never really *gotten* Firestorm.

With Brandon Routh already cast as The Atom and Devin Aoki cast as Katana (did we mention that?), it looks like the CW is building its own veritable Justice League… International?

In any case, the CW’s DC Arrowverse seems to be a lot more interesting that DC’s Movieverse going forward.

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Get Nostalgic For 50 Years of the Non-Existent American Doctor Who

So a while back there was a list going around of American actors who would have made great Doctors… on Doctor Who. Let’s be clear, we’re talking about “The Doctor” not “A Doctor.” They might have made great normal Doctors too, but that’s doesn’t really correlate with acting ability.

Everyone forgets Jonathan LaPaglia used to be an Emergency Room Doctor…

Anyway, that’s really beside the point. A gentleman named Sam Vestey saw that list of “American Doctors” and decided to edit together a montage from various repurposed onscreen appearances of the actors into a work of genius. You see, he’s created a nostalgia inducing, heart string pulling video that draws from memories of an American Doctor Who that never actually existed.

How cool is that?

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Terry Gilliam’s “The Zero Theorem” Gets New Trailer and US Release Date, Looks Amazing

The Zero Theorem is quickly looking to be Terry Gilliam’s best looking film since Brazil and possibly the most engaging since 12 Monkeys. It premiered almost a year ago at the Venice International Film Festival, but fans of Gilliam have had to wait patiently to see it so far.

Until now.

Because we have a release date.

The Zero Theorem gets released in the US for Digital and VOD on August 19th and theatrically on September 19th. A new trailer is out as well, and it’s just so stunning that I am at a loss for words.

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Moffat Ponders History of the Doctor’s Species in Canon, Fans Freak Out

We have mixed feelings about Steven Moffat around here at Nerd & Tie. I’m probably his biggest fan out of the three of us, and I think he can be an arrogant, sexist toolbag whose storylines too often focus exclusively on the nature of the Doctor and nothing else a lot of the time. He’s written good episodes, he’s done bad ones – but hey, we’re Who fans.

We endure.

Anyway, Moffat seems to delight in causing occasional chaos amongst the fans, and his recent behavior is no different. In an issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat asked a simple question: When exactly was the Doctor first explicitly stated to be not-human in canon?

And the fandom flipped out. Continue reading Moffat Ponders History of the Doctor’s Species in Canon, Fans Freak Out

New Guardians of the Galaxy Extended Trailer? Yes Please.

Guardians of the Galaxy? Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy! The Galaxy, Guardians of. Galaxy galaxy galaxy, guardians guardians guardians. Guardians of the Galaxy of the Galaxy of the Galaxy.

Extended Trailer? Extended Trailer. Chris Pratt? Chris Pratt. Vin Diesel? Vin Diesel. Green Uhura? Green Uhura. Bald Amy Pond? Bald Amy Pond.

Hangover Raccoon.

Cassette Tape.

August 1st.

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