The New Ninja Turtles Trailer Actually Looks Kind of Cool

Here we have the newest trailer for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film… and it actually looks pretty cool. The trailer finally seems to put an end to the “aliens” rumor, and it looks like (from what we can tell) Oroku Saki IS in the film, even if he might not be the guy in the robo-Shredder gear. We know a lot of you have been skeptical about the film, due to Bay producing, but I’m personally hopeful.


I think it’s Celtic?

A Postmortem on (My) Immortal’s Second Season

I don’t think we’ve been shy about how much we love the (My) Immortal web series here at Nerd & Tie. For those unaware, “My Immortal” is an infamous Harry Potter fanfic which follows the exploits of the very “goffic” Hogwarts student “Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way.” The fanfic is so legendarily bad that it has a cult following (most notably on the site TV Tropes). Last year a bunch of Canadians decided to adapt it into a web series, rename the protagonist “Enoby” (after a regular typo in the source material), and turn it into probably the best thing ever to go on the internet.

It’s the best web series based on a fanfic based on movie based on a book we’ve ever seen.

We talked to series creator Brian McLellan way back in episode 16 before the season began, but a lot has happened since. Yesterday they released the ninth and final episode of their second season, so I thought I might take a look back at it with a critical eye.

So yeah, buckle up boys and girls.

We’re about to get all goff and stuff… again.

With a whole bunch of spoilers. Continue reading I think it’s Celtic?

The Full Nathan Fillion/Guardians of the Galaxy Story

So those of you who listened to this fortnight’s podcast heard us talk about the rumored cameo appearance of Nathan Fillion in this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy – but we thought it might be fun to talk about how that all happened.

You know, like how people do. Because we’re people.

And not giant alien spider creatures.

We promise.

Anywho, like all things of uncertain quality, this story started on twitter. Continue reading The Full Nathan Fillion/Guardians of the Galaxy Story

Episode 24 – Inexpensive Female Protagonist

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie Podcast, Rena Innocenti sits in for Pher! Because Pher was busy! We discuss the (lack of a) Gundam Live action movie, Jason Momoa’s casting as Aquaman, the rumored roadmap for the DC Carnival of Sadness, Bryan Singer possibly exiting the X Franchise, Nathan Fillion’s possible appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ubisoft’s E3 PR implosion and upcoming changes to the Nerd & Tie website.

Because there are some.

Links: “article” on the Live Action Gundam Fim

Episode 23 – Call them BishouBros.

On this fortnight’s installment we talk about the return of Heroes of Cosplay, Ant Man’s director shuffle, Fantasic Four books leaving shelves just as Fox works on the film, a possible Stargate reboot, everyone freaking out about Michael Bay’s Evangelion comments, progress on Pacific Rim 2, and the second season of the (My) Immortal webseries.

That, and we’ve come up with a term for insecure dudes who like Sailor Moon.

Special: X-Men – Days of Future Past

On this very special edition of Nerd & Tie, we devote an entire episode to the newest X-Men film, Days of Future Past. Nick and Trae are joined by Sean “SeanOrange” Corse of Famicom Dojo (as Pher hasn’t seen the film), as our heroes dissect not just this film but its place in the X-Men film franchise.

And Fist of the Northstar gets mentioned for some reason.

The show got a bit out of hand on occasion…

Episode 22 – Sad Batman

On this fortnight’s episode Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is shuffling around some creative staffers, DC’s Carnival of Sadness continues (with David S. Goyer practically spiking the “I hate the fans” football), CHRIS PRATT MIGHT RIDE A DINOSAUR in Jurassic World, the classic Sailor Moon’s rerelease is pretty great, some DC TV shows are getting new trailers, and Gamera is getting (another) reboot for 2015.

We are pretty excited for that last one.

Special: Godzilla (2014)

History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men. Or at least history shows how a ten minute segment on a regular episode couldn’t contain our opinions on Godzilla. Because we have a lot. Enough to fill an entire episode.

So we interrupted our fortnightly schedule to bring you this: our Godzilla Special!

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