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Adam West’s Final Outing as the Caped Crusader, ‘Batman vs. Two Face,’ Gets a Trailer

Before the death of legendary Batman actor Adam West earlier this year, he had already recorded his parts for the upcoming animated feature Batman vs. Two Face. As we’re approaching the eventual release later this year, Warner Bros has put out a trailer for the film.

Batman vs. Two Face also features the wonderful Burt Ward as Robin and (the unfortunately gross) William Shatner as Two Face. It’s the second straight to video feature Warner Bros has put out in continuity with the classic 1960s television series, and honestly I’m really excited about it.

Batman vs. Two Face comes out October 17th.

Episode 101 – The Mid-Move Mess

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we deal with the ongoing move of our production studio, mourn the passing of Adam West, go through the highlights of E3, discuss the changes coming to Pokemon Go, review the confusing situation surrounding the Venom movie (and how it MIGHT still be MCU adjacent), and consider Wizard World’s money problems.

There are a few technical difficulties in the video too, but at least the audio version is largely clean?

This episode of Nerd & Tie was sponsored by Ohio Kimono

Adam West, TV’s Batman, Dead at 88

The Hollywood reporter has confirmed that Adam West, star of the all time funniest version of the Dark Knight, passed away last night after a short battle with leukemia.

West was not the first actor to play Batman in live action, but he was easily the most memorable. The 1966 Batman show was one of the funniest TV shows of the era, thanks in no small part to West’s deadpan delivery in the face of the cartoon world he existed in. Its hard to understate his importance to making the Caped Crusader a household name.

Adam West, of course, did plenty of voice work in his later years, making quite the comedic comeback after decades of not being able to find work after Batman was canceled.

Adam West will continue to be loved by Bat-fans of all ages, and it is with great sincerity that we send our condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in Peace Batman

The Adam West ‘Batman’ Series is 50 Years Old Today

Fifty years ago today, the first episode of Batman aired on ABC. The series starred Adam West as the titular Caped Crusader and Burt Ward as his sidekick the Boy Wonder Robin. The show would go on to run three seasons totaling 120 episodes, spawn a feature film, and crossed-over with The Green Hornet. It was, frankly, amazing.

And it is literally my favorite version of Batman.

I obviously didn’t grow up with the first airing (I was born in 1980), but it ran in repeats throughout my childhood. When I thought of Batman, I thought of Adam West. I knew every episode by heart, and it really defined who Batman was for me as a kid. It’s why I later got into comic books, even if said comics decided to take my hero in a very different direction.

So cheers to you, Batman (or as it gets called these days Batman ’66). You’re a Gotham city mostly seen in sunlight, protected by a hero more focused on hope and bizarre detective work than the grimdark interpretations that followed. You’ll always be my Batman.

(And just because we can’t end this without one of the greatest theme songs ever written…)

Episode 44 – Ignoring Minilla

On this episode we talk about the announced animated Batman movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward, Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi taking the reigns of Godzilla 2016, the X-Files limited series being confirmed, Sony’s bizarre desire to make a Robotech film franchise, Gen Con’s reactions to Indiana’s RFRA, and an awesome little convention in DeKalb called Karoshi Con.

And we have a whole bunch of new listener mail to boot!

More on Gen Con and the RFRA:

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Karoshi Con:

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Adam West and Burt Ward To Star In New Animated ‘Batman’ Film

I’m a big fan of the 1960s Batman TV series. I literally spent hours upon hours of my childhood watching reruns of the classic series. Adam West and Burt Ward were my introduction to Batman and Robin (as Keaton had yet to put on the cowl).

With the Bluray release of the series selling well (and the success of the Batman 66 digital comic), there’s been a lot of buzz around the show lately, and it looks like it’s not stopping.

At a recent appearance, Burt Ward and Adam West revealed that they will star in an animated feature length film to be released on the 50th anniversary of the 1960s series in 2016. Here’s the (short) clip:

We don’t know much else about the film (or the possibility of sequels if it sells well), but my inner-six year old is very, very excited.