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Episode 74 – Bucking Tradition

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, CBS and Paramount have decided to settle the Axanar lawsuit , there’s a bit of Captain America controversy, Geoff Johns has been put in charge of the DCEU, Emerald City Comicon is getting sued, Anime Expo reverses Background check policy for vendors, Space City Comic Con has a bizarre guest/vip pass fiasco on a massive scale, and our roadshow continues to hit more cons!

And we read your letters too!

(Correction: In this episode we mistakenly refer to a set of proposed fan film guidelines as endorsed by CBS and Paramount — these guidelines are actually the ones Axanar’s producers are proposing to CBS and Paramount as a part of their settlement)

This episode was sponsored by Jeff Hartz

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Are Conventions Liminal Spaces?

So as I sit in the vendor hall for Anime Central 2016 waiting for it to open Sunday morning, I’m left pondering the reality (or unreality) of conventions. Do they exist as real geographical locations, or are they almost liminal spaces?

The Off Week” is a series of videos produced by Nerd & Tie in the weeks where we aren’t producing a full length podcast. The goal is to raise questions and make you think about things that you’ve maybe taken for granted.

Episode 48 – Unauthorized Likeness

On this episode we got up early and recorded in the morning, and then had to start over because we screwed up the audio and didn’t notice until we got ten minutes into the episode! It’s exciting!

We talk about Supergirl‘s pilot getting leaked online, The Craft getting a remake, Black Widow getting left out of an Avengers toy, Toho suing over unauthorized uses of Godzilla in Colossal‘s marketing, and Trae went to Anime Central.

All that, and your letters.

The Anime Central Trinity Selfie Challenge Winners!

Zaero (who used a plush proxie)

Shameless Otaku


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Banned From Anime Central, AnimeCon.org Plasters Area With Anime Midwest Ads

Anime Central, one of the oldest Anime cons in the midwest, concluded Sunday afternoon. While the exhibit hall had a fairly long row devoted to other conventions, there was one conspicuously absent: Anime Midwest.

According to people I spoke with, the reasons were quite simple: Ryan Kopf and his company AnimeCon.org/Chrono LC are banned from Anime Central.

I don’t actually know why he’s banned, but I can hazard a guess or two just based off his past professional and personal indiscretions.

Of course, getting banned would never stop Ryan from trying to promote at the biggest Anime con in the region – so in lieu of a table (which other conventions get provided for free by the way), Ryan decided to plaster the area with advertisements, which included a massive digital billboard on the neighboring “Fashion Outlets of Chicago” and at least one bus stop ad next to the event. According to the Digital Billboard, AnimeCon.org had even set up in the Fashion Outlets of Chicago to accept preregistrations. According to several people I talked with, this is the second year he’s done this.

And honestly? This all has me shaking my head.

While it’s true being excluded from the biggest show in the area is a serious hit for Kopf, the amount of expense spent on this campaign surely can’t net enough preregistrations to justify the costs involved. A targeted online campaign would probably produce similar results with a far smaller financial burden.

But hey, if the guy wants to burn his money, I say we let him.

The Anime Central Trinity Selfie Challenge

Photo: What a Selfie with Trae looks like

Trae is going to be at Anime Central this weekend, and as we mentioned on the podcast we’re giving you guys a challenge.

Which we’re calling the “Anime Central Trinity Selfie Challenge” for no good reason.

You see, our challenge to you, the Nerd & Tie fans who might be going to Acen, is to get a selfie with three specific individuals: Trae (duh), Bal Flanagan (of Balnibarbi Illustration) and Gen Prock (of Ocelotdude Designs).

All three of these people will be in the Artist Alley, and here’s a handy map of the area:


Here are the basic rules of the challenge:

  1. You must ask permission before taking any photo. Photos taken without the person’s permission are automatically disqualified
  2. The selfies must be taken at the respective people’s artist tables

Upon completion, email the three selfies to tips@nerdandtie.com with the subject “Anime Central Trinity.” In the body of the email, include your name.

We don’t expect anyone to bother doing this, but if you do, we will post your selfies to the website to share with the world. Also, one lucky participant will be given a random item pulled out of “The leftover RisingStuff stock” (a defunct vendor I used to work for). It could be an Engrish T-shirt. It could be a handful of Wonderswan games.

You never know.

Episode 47 – The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected

On this episodes we break things down into the Good (show renewals), the Bad (show cancellations) and the Unexpected (which is what it sounds like). Listen to and watch us celebrate iZombie, Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD all getting new seasons. Listen to us lament the loss of Constantine… and Helix.

Then we get to Red Dwarf‘s two new upcoming series, a Myst TV show, and a thoroughly unneeded third installment in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga.

We also share our thoughts on No Brand Con and read the biggest mailbag in a long while.

This episode was sponsored by Zach Fisher. You can sponsor episodes too.

Convention Mentioned:
Pensacola Comic Con, Pensacola, FL – Aug 8-9, 2015

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