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First Official Image of Paul Rudd in a Hoodie– um, I mean “as Scott Lang”

So Disney has released the first official image of Paul Rudd as “Scott Lang.” I’d say “as Ant-Man” like some other websites I’ve seen that shall remain nameless, but it’s not. He’s not in the superhero suit, so he’s just Scott Lang.

Pretty straight forward.

Anyway, it’s not super exciting, because if you’ve ever imagined Paul Rudd with stubble and wearing a hoodie… you already pretty much know what this is going to look like.

But I’ll show you anyway. Because I’m a cool guy. Here you go:


Was it everything you ever dreamed it would be?

Via EW

Filming for Ant-Man Starts

It’s less than a year before Ant-Man is supposed to hit theaters, so it should be no surprise that filming has (finally) begun in San Fransisco. Director Peyton Reed tweeted out earlier today:

Ant-Man has had a more tumultuous road to production than many other Marvel films, so it’s nice to see things are finally moving forward for the film.

Let’s get small indeed.

Via Screenrant.

Episode 23 – Call them BishouBros.

On this fortnight’s installment we talk about the return of Heroes of Cosplay, Ant Man’s director shuffle, Fantasic Four books leaving shelves just as Fox works on the film, a possible Stargate reboot, everyone freaking out about Michael Bay’s Evangelion comments, progress on Pacific Rim 2, and the second season of the (My) Immortal webseries.

That, and we’ve come up with a term for insecure dudes who like Sailor Moon.

Episode 22 – Sad Batman

On this fortnight’s episode Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is shuffling around some creative staffers, DC’s Carnival of Sadness continues (with David S. Goyer practically spiking the “I hate the fans” football), CHRIS PRATT MIGHT RIDE A DINOSAUR in Jurassic World, the classic Sailor Moon’s rerelease is pretty great, some DC TV shows are getting new trailers, and Gamera is getting (another) reboot for 2015.

We are pretty excited for that last one.

Episode 13 – Off the Rails

On this convoluted (yet excellent) episode we talk about the Star Wars canon getting rewritten, Sailor Moon’s new anime, Gotham isn’t the show we hoped it would be, Hank Pym gets cast in Ant Man, Man of Steel 2 is a mess, and CHI FI is cancelled.

Yeah, that last one is a bit of a mess.

Episode 11 – The Best of 2013!

In this fortnight’s episode we talk about Disney’s new television show with horrible implications, Ant Man finally getting a lead actor, Scott Lobdell being a douchecanoe – and our best and worst picks for 2013.

Because it’s just about over.

Because it’s December.

You really should have known that already.