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Warner Bros Delays ‘Aquaman’ Until December 2018

The solo Aquaman film was originally slated to hit theaters in July of 2018, but that was later shifted later in the year to October. Well, it seems that Warner Bros has moved the date yet again — now delaying the film until December 21, 2018.

Some of the films in the DCEU have been marred with delays and issues, most notably The Flash‘s constant parade of changing directors and The Batman‘s relative instability, but Aquaman seems to be the one post-Justice League film still on track. Most likely this delay is intended to give the film, which is expected to start filming soon, more time to work on special effects and post production.

That December release date originally had Avatar 2 pencilled in, but as that film has been delayed, it leaves the weekend open for the studio. It does mean that the Aquaman film will now share its release date with the (still untitled) animated Spider-Man film which will feature Miles Morales. It’s a gamble for the studio to say the least, but I guess we’ll see how it turns out.


Yahya Abdul-Mateen II May Play Black Manta in ‘Aquaman’

It’s been assumed for a while that Black Manta would be the villain in the forthcoming James Wan directed Aquaman movie, but no one’s known who would play him. The studio seems to have made up its mind though, as we now know Warner Bros has approached actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to take on the part.

They’re still in early talks, but if everything goes well Abdul-Mateen will act opposite Jason Momoa’s Aquaman when the project begins filming this April. Patrick Wilson is already slated to play the movie’s other villain Orm, aka “Ocean Master.”

Nicole Kidman is also reportedly in talks to join the film as Aquaman’s mother, though nothing is final. The rest of the cast includes Amber Heard as Mera, and Willem Dafoe as Dr. Vulko.

Aquaman is expected to hit theaters in late-2018.


Seth Grahame-Smith Quits ‘Flash’ Movie, James Wan Sticking With ‘Aquaman’

Things are a little rough in the DCEU waters. Warner Bros has built their whole plan around the anticipated success of Batman v. Superman that never materialized. And while their hopes are far from sunk (with massive buzz over Wonder Woman and some of the other planned films), the studio seems to be fairly concerned that future films may end up going off the rails.

It’s in this atmosphere of increased studio control that director Seth Grahame-Smith has left the forthcoming Flash movie. The as-of-yet untitled Flash movie (which will star Ezra Miller and is unrelated to the ongoing The Flash TV series currently on The CW) was also supposed to be written by Grahame-Smith as well, but it’s unknown whether or not he actually submitted a script yet.

There was some concern that James Wan was departing the Aquaman movie, but Wan has firmly denied those rumors. The biggest problem facing the DC film franchise is that there is not central figure guiding it like Marvel’s Kevin Feige. The studio in many ways was leaning on director Zack Snyder for creative direction, but anyone with any foresight knew that was a terrible idea.

Because, y’know, Snyder couldn’t string together a story together if it bit him on the ass.

No word on who will take over the Flash movie, although it remains on the schedule for March 16, 2018.

Via MoviePilot.com, Screenrant

‘Justice League Part One’ Starts Filming in April

DC is going whole hog with its cinematic universe, announcing that Justice League Part One will start filming April 11th. This is just weeks after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out, which is only the second film set in this particular continuity.

Zack Snyder will direct (again – even though we have no idea if Batman v Superman will be any good), and the whole thing feels like DC and Warner Bros are more focused on playing “catch up” with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe than with making a decent movie.

Honestly, if it works out, being bold will be beneficial — but pushing into production on a film before really knowing whether or not the franchise will hold weight seems a tad risky to me. Sony banked everything on a Spider-Man franchise that they ended up having to scrap, but at least they were able to change course before film started rolling. DC and Warner Bros are just committing regardless…

…and lord knows what’s going to happen. Either way, Justice League Part One is currently scheduled to come out November 10, 2017.

Via EW

First Look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman

So one of the very few things we like about the Man of Steel sequel Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Secret War of the Rise of the Planet of the Justice is that characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman will appear (even if in limited fashion). Okay, mostly we’re just excited about Wonder Woman, but putting Jason Momoa up there as Aquaman isn’t anything to shrug at.

While the character isn’t going to play that much of a role in the film, director Zack Snyder has finally tweeted the first official image of Momoa in his Aquaman garb.

And even people who don’t like Aquaman have to admit he looks pretty cool.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out March 25th 2016.

Episode 24 – Inexpensive Female Protagonist

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie Podcast, Rena Innocenti sits in for Pher! Because Pher was busy! We discuss the (lack of a) Gundam Live action movie, Jason Momoa’s casting as Aquaman, the rumored roadmap for the DC Carnival of Sadness, Bryan Singer possibly exiting the X Franchise, Nathan Fillion’s possible appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ubisoft’s E3 PR implosion and upcoming changes to the Nerd & Tie website.

Because there are some.

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