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Episode 58 – Bigger Than Ever

This episode of Nerd & Tie is sadly just Pher and Trae, as Nick couldn’t make it back in time from Anime Fusion to record the show. Left to their own devices, the remaining Nerds (and Ties) dig into yesterday’s all too tragic ZombiCon shooting, try to distract themselves with the new Gamera trailer, rejoices at Godzilla vs. King Kong‘s confirmation, ogle the overly detailed Man of Steel’s “Fortress of Solitude” drawn by Frank Miller, get amazed by the return of Starhunter, and recount Pher’s experiences at Anime Fusion.

Which, at the time of recording, Nick had finally left.

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Frank Miller Drew This Monstrosity, and DC’s Publishing It

Look, we all know the original The Dark Knight Returns was pretty great (or at least we all remember it as being pretty great… I think… we had lower standards back then), but Frank Miller has long since gone round the bend. When a third installment in the Dark Knight series was announced last spring, we all kind of rolled our eyes.

And not just because it will be titled “The Master Race.”

Anyway, Miller will thankfully not be drawing the new comic… but DC did let him draw the cover for “The Atom” minicomic that will be packed in with the first issue. And… well… this is what happened:


So besides the fact that Superman looks like he’s been run over by an Acme branded steamroller, you can also clearly see the outline of Superman’s junk.

God damn it, Frank. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Via Bleeding Cool

Episode 26 – Incompetence, Not Malice

On this installment of the podcast, we discuss the DashCon fiasco, the Awesome Con conundrum, and the hopes of the Nezumi Con Indiegogo campaign.

We also talk about the changes coming to Marvel comics with different characters taking up the helms of Thor and Captain America, Arrowverse casting, Harmony Gold not being awful for once, Homestar Runner coming back from the dead, and the expansion of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

It’s exciting.

Brandon Routh to be Arrow’s Atom

It’s no secret that we here at Nerd & Tie are very appreciative of Brandon Routh’s performance in “Superman Returns” in the wake of “Man of Steel.” We’re fond of saying that Routh’s still relevant, and we honestly mean it.

Well, it looks like Brandon Routh is going to get another turn as a DC superhero – this time on the small screen. TV Line reports that Routh has been cast as superhero “The Atom” in the next season of the CW’s Arrow.

For those unaware, the Atom’s powers primarily are that he can manipulate his size and the size of other objects. The Atom is not a character who has gotten a lot of live-action appearances, so the very fact that he is showing up in this next season of Arrow is kind of neat.

And it’s Brandon Routh.

So it’s exciting.

I’m excited at least.