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It’s Finally ‘Back to the Future’ Day!

In 1989’s Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer (who mysteriously turned into Elisabeth Shue) travel from 1985 to the far off future year of 2015. Specifically, they travel to today – October 21st 2015.

And I really mean it — it’s today. I know that dozens of photoshopped images have popped up over the last few years to try and lie to you, but honest to god, we finally got there. Don’t believe me? Check the trailer.

And sure, we don’t have flying cars, self tying shoes, Hoverboards that work outside of specialized tracks, clothes that resize themselves or cold fusion… but we do all have big screen TVs, so that counts for something.

(I originally had a line here about the Cubs, but they aren’t doing so well…)

So sit back, pop open a Pepsi Perfect (if you got one and feel like destroying the collector’s value) and enjoy living in the knowledge that we’re living in the future.

…I still kinda wish I had a hoverboard.

The BTTF2 Mania Continues with Pepsi Perfect and a Jaws 19 Trailer

Back to the Future 2 mania continues, as we approach the “future” date of October 21, 2015. I mean, it’s the perfect blend of nostalgia and timing, so who can blame them?

First up, Pepsi is going to release a limited edition “Pepsi Perfect” bottle. It’ll just be regular Pepsi in the bottle (and it’ll cost $20.15 a pop), but hey — you weren’t buying this thing to drink it, were you? The release is limited to 6,500 bottles, and will go on sale on (you guessed it) the 21st. Also,1,500 will be given away to anyone cosplaying Marty McFly at New York Comic Con.

Here’s the ad they put out:

Speaking of ads, one of the more amusing commentaries on sequels in Hollywood was the “Jaws 19” marquee in Back to the Future 2. Sadly, we stopped making actual films in the Jaws franchise years ago, but that didn’t stop Universal from putting out a “Jaws 19” teaser trailer:

As the month continues, we should expect to see more and more of this sort of thing…

The Back to the Future trilogy comes out on Bluray October 21st.

Via The Verge, IGN

Episode 57 – Without Class

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we briefly discuss the live action Attack on Titan movie, the forthcoming Back to the Future Doc Brown short film, a new Doctor Who spinoff called Class, Prometheus 2 getting a new name, a possible Men in Black reboot sans Will Smith, we let Nick talk about Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans), and the video game voice actors may end up striking.

Also, Pher and Nick will be at Anime Fusion.

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There’s a ‘Back to the Future’ Doc Brown Short Coming

We all remember that Back to the Future II took us to that far off distant time of October 2015. Yes… how far away it is… Anyway, with the timing so perfect they could spit, Universal has decided to finally grace us with a Bluray edition of the trilogy.

A neat bonus on that trilogy is going to be a short film titled “Doc Brown Saves the World,” starring Christopher Lloyd himself. Besides taking place in the future/present year of 2015, we don’t know much about the the short film – but we know we’re excited for it. We’ve embedded the brief teaser for it below.

Back to the Future comes out on Bluray on October 21st.

Holy Crap, a Hover Board That *ISN’T* a Hoax!

So we’ve all seen the hoax version, but it appears that hoverboards are actually happening. Now don’t get too excited – because this is reality, the hoverboard has some limitations. It doesn’t hover at that high of an altitude, and it only works on a compatible surface like copper… but c’mon… HOVERBOARDS!

Hendo, the company behind it, is currently running a kickstarter to fund further development, but man… this is neat. I’ve embedded the Engadget video below if you want to see more of it:

Via Engadget