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Episode 96 – Complete Con Chaos

On this, our officially longest ever episode of Nerd & Tie, we celebrate Invader Zim‘s impending return, discuss John Simm’s returning as The Master on Doctor Who, lose our minds over the New Warriors television show (featuring Squirrel Girl), contemplate Rainn Wilson’s casting as Harry Mudd on Star Trek: Discovery, and speculate on the possibility of a Joss Whedon written/directed Batgirl movie.

Then we tackle the con scene, where Angry Goat Productions continues to do things that are absolutely insane, and AnachroCon’s management seems to have devolved into complete anarchy. We also talk about the great time we had at Karoshi Con, and look forward to No Brand Con.

Plus, y’know, there’s a mailbag. This episode is just full of stuff.

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Warner Bros Wants Joss Whedon to Write and Direct a ‘Batgirl’ Movie

There’s an interesting glimmer of hope for the DCEU, as Variety is reporting that Warner Bros is nearing a deal with Joss Whedon to write and direct a solo Batgirl movie. Assuming this doesn’t fall apart, we could have a pretty amazing film on our hands.

Whedon may not be perfect, but he always manages to inject some degree of levity and humor even into his darkest works. That sort of personality is direly needed in the DCEU. If only to add icing to the cake, EW is also reporting that the film will be based largely on Gail Simone’s run on the comic, which was one of the few good things to happen with DC’s New 52.

This would be amazing.

I mean, honestly – over the last few years I’ve had to write a lot of stories about the DCEU, and with the exception of Wonder Woman news, I’ve never really been genuinely excited. And with this announcement, unlike Wonder Woman, I have more than hope to hold onto. Whedon has a proven track record, and even his weakest works would be refreshing compared to what the DCEU has given us so far.

I’m just so happy right now.

Via Variety, EW

Yvonne Craig Passes Away at 78

Yvonne Craig has died according to her family. Craig succumbed to a two year battle with cancer, passing away in her California home.

Craig is best known to our readers as the actress who played Batgirl in the classic 1960s Batman television series – and the Barbara Gordon Batgirl effectively only exists in the comics because of it.

I have fond memories of watching the Batman series as a child, and especially of Craig’s performances on the show. To say that she had a positive effect on the world would be an understatement — and it’s always sad to see someone like her go.

Yvonne Craig was 78 years old, and she will be missed.

Via NBC News

Batgirl Gets a New Creative Team, Art Style, Costume

Starting in October, DC Comic’s Batgirl will have a new creative team. New writers, new artist, new everything.

Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher will be taking over writing duties from Gail Simone (who is exiting to work on other projects — this isn’t like the last time she “left” the book), and newcomer Babs Tarr will be taking over art duties. Batgirl will also get a new costume, designed to be a bit more utilitarian and realistic than her current garb.

Or, y’know, as realistic as a bat-costume can get.

I will admit I’m a little nervous about new writers on the book, especially with the great work Simone has done with some of the supporting cast (like Alysia Yeoh), but this is an industry where everyone moves on at some point. We always knew Simone wouldn’t be writing Batgirl forever, and it had to happen some day.

As for the art, Babs Tarr’s style is a significant departure from what we usually see at DC, and it’s pretty refreshing. I am excited to see what she’ll do with the book.