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‘Doctor Who’ Spinoff ‘Class’ Officially Cancelled

Well, it’s official — the Doctor Who spinoff Class has been cancelled. The news comes to us from BBC Three controller Damian Kavanagh (via Doctor Who News), who said at a Broadcasting Press Guild:

No, [we’re not bringing it back]. There was nothing wrong with it – I thought Patrick did a great job, he explored an amazing world.

In honesty, it just didn’t really land for us on BBC Three. Things sometimes don’t, and I’ve got to make decisions about what we’re going to do from a drama point of view.

There are always times when you do something and you have to decide that it’s not going to come back. Class is just one of those things.

Honestly, this is too bad — if not unsurprising. Series creator and showrunner Patrick Ness announced that he wouldn’t return earlier this year… and honestly very few people watched the show in the UK. It’s too bad though, as I think it was a fundamentally positive addition to the Who-mythos.

We’ll miss you, Class.

Via Doctor Who News

Episode 57 – Without Class

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we briefly discuss the live action Attack on Titan movie, the forthcoming Back to the Future Doc Brown short film, a new Doctor Who spinoff called Class, Prometheus 2 getting a new name, a possible Men in Black reboot sans Will Smith, we let Nick talk about Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans), and the video game voice actors may end up striking.

Also, Pher and Nick will be at Anime Fusion.

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New Doctor Who Spinoff ‘Class’ Announced

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Doctor Who spin-off series on the air. The adult focused Torchwood disappeared a while ago, and the kid-friendly Sarah Jane Adventures ended when series star Elisabeth Sladen sadly passed away. Both of those shows were also created by former show runner Russel T. Davies. Under Steven Moffat, we haven’t seen any new attempts to spinoff the Doctor Who brand.

Well, until now.

The BBC have announced that a new, teen focused series set in the Doctor Who universe is currently in development. The show, entitled just Class, is set in currently day London. Steven Moffat is executive producing, and the show will mark the television debut of writer Patrick Ness.

It’s expected to air on BBC Three in 2016, although whether or not this will come to the states any time soon after is still up in the air.