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‘Sherlock’ Christmas Special To Be Set in Victorian Era

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the upcoming Sherlock Christmas episode will be set in Victorian London.

Sherlock, of course, is the much lauded modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. So this special is sort of a Victorian adaptation of the modern adaptation of a Victorian character… or not, depending on how you think about it.

According to Steven Moffat, the special (which returns the show to its original time period) will be a one off, set in its own continuity – so don’t worry about any attempts to justify it with a dream sequence… just sit back and enjoy Martin Freeman with a ridiculous mustache.

I know I will.

Via EW

Michelle Gomez’s Master Will Return For The ‘Doctor Who’ Series 9 Opener

Michelle Gomez will return in the Doctor Who Series 9 opener because of course she will. Gomez’s stint as the Master last season was impressive, and according to RadioTimes she will star in the two-part premiere penned by Steven Moffat.

We all knew the Master would be back (especially since her “death” used the same special effect as the earlier teleportations from the same episode), but I don’t think we expected to see her back this quickly.

Gomez was great as “The Master,” who I have a hard time calling “Missy.” While it’s true that “Master” is a gendered term (although only in certain contexts), “Missy” is a diminutive. It lessens the character. I could have taken the name change seriously if it had been to “The Mistress” even… but Missy?

Michelle Gomez deserves the full title of The Master, full stop.

Doctor Who returns later this year.

Via RadioTimes