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Episode 115 – Screw the Small Guys?

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we tackle YouTube’s booting of smaller channels from their partner program (including ours), the potential of a Black Widow solo film, Bright getting a sequel (minus Max Landis), and Gillian Anderson leaving American Gods.

Also, we went to Evercon and had a ton of fun.

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Holy Crap, Marvel’s Actually Moving Forward on a Black Widow Movie

For years Marvel fans have been clamoring for a standalone Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson. She’s an Avenger, she’s been in like half a dozen Marvel movies, and for a franchise without a lot of women-led films she’s the obvious choice. After years of waiting though, it looks like we may finally get one.

Marvel currently has a Black Widow movie in early development. The film will, of course, star Johansson and Jac Schaeffer has been tapped to write the screenplay. It’s all early days, but this is a good sign. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out like the SNL spoof version they made a few years ago.


Episode 48 – Unauthorized Likeness

On this episode we got up early and recorded in the morning, and then had to start over because we screwed up the audio and didn’t notice until we got ten minutes into the episode! It’s exciting!

We talk about Supergirl‘s pilot getting leaked online, The Craft getting a remake, Black Widow getting left out of an Avengers toy, Toho suing over unauthorized uses of Godzilla in Colossal‘s marketing, and Trae went to Anime Central.

All that, and your letters.

The Anime Central Trinity Selfie Challenge Winners!

Zaero (who used a plush proxie)

Shameless Otaku


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Black Widow’s Coolest “Age of Ultron” Moment Turned into a Toy; Black Widow Left Out

It was probably one of the coolest scenes in Age of Ultron, right? Cap and Natasha are chasing down Ultron, and Black Widow jumps out of the Quinjet on a motorcycle and flies through the streets of Seoul to- well, we all saw it.  And it was badass. And how cool of a toy would that make, am I right?

Well, Marvel and Hasbro have teamed up to bring you that toy so that you can re-create one of the best scenes of the movie! Well, as long as you don’t want to have Black Widow in it. 

Yes, a toy based on one of the best scenes from the badass lady Avenger doesn’t have her in it. Instead, Captain America has taken the role from Black Widow and is the figure included in the set. That doesn’t even make sense. If Captain is riding the cycle, WHO’S FIGHTING ULTRON?

We see merchandising failures from DC and Marvel time and time again when it comes to the female demographic, but this just goes beyond reason. At some point, shouldn’t someone have said “Yeah, but guys…isn’t Black Widow in this scene? Shouldn’t we…no? Oh…okay…but…”. Something, ANYTHING, to point out that they were leaving out a crucial character. The fact that the crucial character left out is a woman, not to mention Marvel’s recent leaked e-mail problem …  it makes you wonder if anyone at the top is even trying.

Come on, guys. Try? Just…just a little bit?

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