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Episode 39 – Nick is not Sick

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we visit the DC Carnival of Sadness with news that Supergirl will be a procedural and that Zack Snyder wants a dark, gritty Green Lantern (oh, and there’s some Brainiac stuff in there too). We look forward to Community‘s season 6 premiere date, contemplate the return of The X-Files, and sing for joy at Simon Pegg co-writing the next Star Trek.

Trae also went to Nezumi Con, and talks about his experiences.

And he sings “Shake It Off.” Which you can listen to whenever you want.

Or you can go play Ski Free.

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Audio Version:

Brainiac Will Be The Main Villain in ‘Justice League’ Film

So with Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, we’re all hyped to go see a film where a bunch of superheroes have to team up to defeat an evil A.I./Robot. Well, DC is really, really hoping we’ll still like the idea come the fall of 2017 when they do the exact same thing, just with the android Brainiac.

Okay, that’s unfair, as Brainiac is a long established character in DC canon – but the comparison is just sitting there. Also, writing this article, I’ve mistyped “Brainiac” as “Braniac” several times, and that would be a very different villain. Yes, fear “Braniac,” the alien android who keeps you regular.

Of course, there’s also a rumor that the current script is way to complicated right now… at least for Hollywood Executives. DC’s Carnival of Sadness just keeps marching on.

Justice League Part 1 comes out (in theory) November 11, 2017, with Part 2 following on June 14, 2019. You know, if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Improbably Stupid Titles makes money.

Via Movieweb