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Episode 43 – Loosed Basely

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we remember the late Terry Pratchett, dive into Nick and Pher’s weekend at Kitsune Kon, lament CHI-FI’s inability to do PR or communicate, get amazed by the antics of Fantasticon Milwaukee, talk about the No Boys Dorm Kickstarter, entertain the idea of the “Con Man” webseries, and get confused by Mallrats 2 being a thing.

Also, Sony is screwing up the Ghostbusters franchise, big time.

Our coverage on CHI FI –

Our coverage of Fantasticon Milwaukee –

“No Boys Dorm” Kickstarter –

“Con Man” Indiegogo campaign –

Naruto musical costumes –

Video Version:

(Trae rescued it amazingly – it is audio only just in the letters)

Audio Version:

CHI FI Convention Screwing Up PR and Communications… Again

So right now as I write this, CHI FI, a science fiction convention in Chicago, is running their inaugural event. Well… sort of. They technically ran “CHI FI 0” last year, after cancelling their full 2014 convention the previous January.

In that cancellation, as we reported way back in episode 13 of the podcast, with the staff making up weird lies about their hotel harassing them (which probably never happened) and a whole bunch of other stuff. Here’s a pretty neutral timeline about it.

So if you expected their 2015 event to happen without a hitch, you’d be… well, wrong.

Before the convention, both Steve Jackson and GeekGirlChicago pulled out of the event, citing poor communication from the organizers… and stuff. Continue reading CHI FI Convention Screwing Up PR and Communications… Again

Episode 13 – Off the Rails

On this convoluted (yet excellent) episode we talk about the Star Wars canon getting rewritten, Sailor Moon’s new anime, Gotham isn’t the show we hoped it would be, Hank Pym gets cast in Ant Man, Man of Steel 2 is a mess, and CHI FI is cancelled.

Yeah, that last one is a bit of a mess.