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Special: ‘Doctor Who’ Casts Jodie Whittaker as 13th Doctor

On this SPECIAL EPISODE of Nerd & Tie which we weren’t expecting to actually record, we discuss the casting of Doctor Who‘s thirteenth Doctor. Jodie Whittaker will be taking over as the eponymous Time Lord, and we share our thoughts, how parts of the internet lost their collective minds (due to more than one X chromosome), and then dig into a bunch of Doctor Who randomness to fill time!

Also, we’re sorry it’s a little quiet — we’re still trying to get the sound right in the new studio.

Holy Crap, Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor!

When we learned Peter Capaldi was exiting Doctor Who with this year’s Christmas special, we were honestly saddened. But like with all regenerations of the legendary Time Lord, we immediately got excited trying to guess who would take on the part. Well, the guessing is over, as earlier today the BBC announced that the thirteenth Doctor will be none other than Jodie Whittaker.

Whittaker is best known for Broadchurch, which was created by incoming Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall. She’s also appeared in films like Venus and 2011’s Attack the Block. Oh, and we should probably mention this somewhere, she’s a woman.

At several points in series ten, the show went out of its way to remind the audience that Time Lords could change genders during regenerations. Many hoped that these were clues that we’d see a woman playing the Doctor’s next incarnation, and sometimes it’s very nice to not be disappointed. Capaldi’s shoes are going to be hard to fill, as he’s arguably one of the best Doctors on record. That said, Whittaker is an incredibly talented performer, and should bring something new to the character (beyond her gender).

This is just neat.

Episode 65 – Not Soon Enough

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie Podcast, Trae and Nick are going it on their own (as Pher is unfortunately ill). We mourn the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, contemplate Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who, consider Star Wars Episode VIII’s move to December 2017, skeptically consider Michael Bay’s future with the Transformers franchise, wonder where all the money is from TCE2, and talk about Yourminicon cancelling half of their conventions.

And I guess some other stuff. We rambled a bit.

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Steven Moffat Quitting ‘Doctor Who’

Whether you love him or hate him, pretty much every Doctor Who fan has a strong opinion on showrunner Steven Moffat. Well, it won’t matter what you think about him much longer — because he’s quitting.

Chris Chibnall will replace Moffat as show runner after the next full series of Doctor Who is completed. This comes as exciting news for those who don’t like Moffat, but shouldn’t be unexpected for his fans (as he’s been with the series for quite some time). The bad news is that “final Moffat” series won’t air until 2017. The only Doctor Who we’ll get this year is a Christmas special, and that’s… just kind of depressing. Chibnall won’t take over the series until 2018.

It is kind of depressing to know that we’ll have to go a full year without any Doctor Who to watch.

I’m excited for Chibnall’s turn in the showrunner seat though, as Broadchurch is a phenomenal series. Chibnall is also no stranger to Doctor Who, having written for both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. He also wrote some of the best episodes of Torchwood including “Countrycide” (although he wrote “Cyberwoman” too, which was pretty terrible).

The future looks pretty great for Doctor Who. Or maybe the past. Or something.

Time travel makes all of this confusing.

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