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Episode 50 – The Unlikely Outcome

On this fortnight’s episode we mourn the loss of Christopher Lee, discuss Jurassic World‘s amazing box office record, gawk at the release of Mother in the US for the first time, rejoice for the announcement of Shenmue 3, let out a sigh of relief for the American Gods TV show moving forward, let Nick talk about the Cyborg 009/Devilman crossover, and stare puzzled into the abyss at the incompetence of Saskatoon Blitz.

Also, Trae’s going to Oz Con next weekend in West Plains, MO. You should come.


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Legendary Actor, Complete Bad Ass Christopher Lee Dead at 93

The Telegraph is reporting that legendary British actor Christopher Lee passed away Sunday morning.

Lee had an amazing career. He was a cult leader in Wicker Man. He was a Bond Villain in The Man with the Golden Gun. He was Dracula. He was a Sith Lord. He just was Saruman.

Lee was also an unmitigated bad ass. He worked as an intelligence officer during World War II, and on the set of The Lord of the Rings corrected director Peter Jackson on what sounds a man would make if he was stabbed in the back. He released several heavy metal albums, and frankly is just cooler than any of us could ever hope to be.

Christopher Lee was 93 years old. He left an impact on this world like no one else ever could, and we would all be so lucky to live a life half as full as his was.

Via The Telegraph