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Jessica Drew Just Can’t Catch a Break

While many of us were excited to find out that Jessica Drew (aka Spider-Woman) was getting her own solo comic series, disappointment seemed to abound once Greg Land was announced as the regular artist on the series. Disappointment that was confirmed when we saw the cover to Spider-Woman #1, in which it appears that Jessica Drew’s legs had melted off.

And that was, y’know, unfortunate but not surprising.

But then we saw Milo Manara’s variant cover. And while only a few people will end up with copies of it, the very fact that it exists… well… hurts my soul? Yes, it hurts my soul. You can see it for yourself:


I think that position was best described by io9 as “presenting.” There are so many things wrong with this image, from the blatant male-gazey-ness to the complete misunderstanding of how fabric works (unless that costume is supposed to be body paint). I honestly am at a loss for words.

This is just… terrible? Terrible.

Oh god, the Rob Liefeld App is real.

Have you ever said to yourself, “Man, my iPhone needs more Rob Liefeld in it?” What’s that? You haven’t? In fact, you once swore an oath at the foot of a blood covered mountain that if you ever found Rob Liefeld, or if a list of his convention appearances and bio were to ever appear on a device you owned, the night would howl with the blood of the innocent?

Well… there’s a Rob Liefeld App for your iPhone available anyway. It’s just sort of the way that life works out some time.

Please put the bloody sword down.

Anyway, as mentioned before, in the app you’ll find his con schedule, general news, Rob’s social media updates, a bio, and “Ask Rob” — a section where you can submit questions directly to Mr. Liefeld yourself.

You can find the app in the iTunes store. And weep, for the bloody reckoning will arrive…

Via Comics Alliance

Guardians of the Galaxy #21 will reveal the Venom symbiote’s full origin

So somehow, in the Venom and Venom-related symbiote packed Marvel comics of the 90s, we never actually found out what planet the Venom symbiote came from. Sure, Peter Parker picked it up on a planet during Secret Wars (try saying that ten times fast), and we’ve seen a planet taken over by symbiotes… but we’ve never seen their homeworld.

Until now.

As current-Venom Flash Thompson has been hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy, after finding out we’d never seen the home planet of the symbiote writer Brian Michael Bendis decided that this was exactly where they needed to go.

And it all goes down in issue #21. I’m personally excited, but I also read a lot of Spider-man books in the 90s.

Man, “Maximum Carnage” was a mediocre storyline…


Got a Couple Million? Here’s Your Chance to Buy Action Comics #1

A copy of Action Comics #1, the debut issue of Superman and one of the most valuable comics ever printed, is up for auction on eBay right now. That’s right, if you’ve got a couple of million sitting around, you could own a piece of comics history.

Also, if you read and listen to Nerd & Tie and have a couple of million sitting around, I’m pretty sure all three of us here are willing to put on costumes and re-enact the whole issue for you in person.

Anyway, as for this particular copy’s condition, from the auction’s description:

This particular copy is the nicest that has ever been graded, with an ASTONISHING grade of CGC 9.0 ! To date, no copies have been graded higher and only one other copy has received the same grade. It is fair to say though that this copy blows the other 9.0 out of the water. Compared to the other 9.0 that sold for $2.1million several years ago it has significant superior eye appeal, extremely vibrant colors and PERFECT WHITE PAGES. This means after 76 years the aging process has yet to begin. Truly this book is a museum piece. It is one of only two copies of this comic in ANY condition to ever be graded with the distinction of having White pages, the other being a CGC 2.5 !

There are six days left on the auction. Good luck.

Via io9

Episode 26 – Incompetence, Not Malice

On this installment of the podcast, we discuss the DashCon fiasco, the Awesome Con conundrum, and the hopes of the Nezumi Con Indiegogo campaign.

We also talk about the changes coming to Marvel comics with different characters taking up the helms of Thor and Captain America, Arrowverse casting, Harmony Gold not being awful for once, Homestar Runner coming back from the dead, and the expansion of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

It’s exciting.

Agents of SHIELD getting their comic book counterparts

The problem with San Diego Comic Con is that so much stuff gets announced, it’s sometimes hard to catch everything. One of those things we hadn’t reported on was how Marvel comics is going to be adapting the characters from TV show Agents of SHIELD into a comic set in the Marvel Comics Universe proper.

Now, while Phil Coulson had already made the leap from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Marvel Comics Universe, the rest of his team hadn’t so far. The new ongoing, written by Mark Waid, will include the comics universe debut of the counterparts for Fitz, Simmons and May.

This comic will be set firmly in the Marvel Comics Universe, and it kind of makes this interesting. While SHIELD proper obviously started in the comics, the main cast of Agents of SHIELD is original to the TV show. While the interactions between the Cinematic and Comics universes have usually seen Cinematic properties being adapted from Comics properties, this is the first time a title has been headed by characters who transitioned the opposite direction.

“SHIELD” will debut its first issue in December.

Via Comic Book Resources

“The Spirit” moves from DC to Dynamite

In a move that surprised at least me, Dynamite Entertainment announced that they’re acquiring the rights to Will Eisner’s “The Spirit.”

Comics Alliance wrote:

Dynamite plans to publish new stories starring the character, but has not yet announced creative teams or indicated when these comics might see print. Whether Dynamite has the rights to any archive material or plans to do anything with it remains to be seen. Dynamite Entertainment publisher and CEO Nick Barrucci called the acquisition, “a lifelong dream come true.”

The rights to The Spirit have had several homes over the years, most recently at DC Comics. Dynamite publishes quite a few different licensed works, so I look forward to following the character’s adventures at its new home.

Via Comics Alliance

CW’s “The Flash” Adds Another Member to Its Rogue Gallery

More bad guys keep coming in.

The CW announced yesterday that it has cast Prison Break star Wentworth Miller as Flash villain Captain Cold in its upcoming TV series The Flash, starring Grant Gustin as Not-Wally-West. Miller will be donning the iconic parka in episode four of the series which is set to debut this fall.

This means that we have at least two members of the Flash’s Rogue Gallery, arguably one of the greatest villain groups in comic books, making their way to television. In the first full-length trailer, the CW pretty much confirmed that we would be seeing Weather Wizard in at least the first episode, if not as part of the over-arching story arc of season one. With the addition of Weather Wizard and Captain Cold, it’s only a matter of time before we see some of the other members of the Rogues, like Heat Wave, Mirror Master, and the Trickster.

And, because I’m helpful,  I’ve given the CW a list of possible actors that could play Captain Boomerang.

You’re welcome.

A New Captain America Rises!

So after the announcement of Female Thor, people have been watching Marvel with a bit of curiosity it seems. And Marvel, not being a company to waste good hype, did not disappoint as they revealed a major change for yet another one of the big three Avengers. A new Captain America is coming, and its former Falcon Sam Wilson.


Now Sam was definitely the breakout character of The Winter Soldier film, so there’s no question he’s popular, but after decades of being Cap’s partner, it will be quite the change to see him as the lead for a bit. Now because Steve is my favorite superhero, it’ll certainly be something to get used to, but Sam’s such a great character it should work.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to in this is how upset every racist comic book reader is gonna be that Captain America is black.

Marvel Unveils a Woman Thor, Details Scarce

So Marvel comics announced (through “The View” of all places) that Thor (in the comics continuity) will be deemed no longer worthy of wielding Mjolnir and that a female character would be receiving the title of Thor and taking over his book.

shethor2Since Thor’s the guy’s name though, it’s a bit like being fired and finding out “Not only have you lost your job, but you’re no longer allowed to call yourself Steve.” But I digress.

The way things are worded, it sounds like this new Thor is a separate character (and not just a transformed Thor like in “Earth X”), but we really don’t know anything else. A theory floating around is that the character is Angela, a former member of the Spawn cast who (through various legal wranglings) now exists instead in the Marvel comics continuity (and is the long lost sister of Thor and Loki). There are other options, as Thor’s cast includes several Asgardian women (and it could always be someone new), but based on what we know this is what seems likely.

I’m of mixed thoughts. Mostly that Thor isn’t a name like “Superman” or “Wolverine,” it’s the guy’s actual name. And if I’m wrong, and it’s actual Thor getting transformed? Cool. I’m good with that. But the name thing aside, this seems pretty exciting. In truth I’ve only read the Thor when the character crossed into other books, so I’m not as familiar with this continuity’s version to really make a call.

Regardless though, more women superheroes is good.

Unfortunately I only expect it to last right up until the next stand alone Thor movie.

Via Screencrush