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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Casts Matthew MacCaull as Commander Steel

Legends of Tomorrow seems to be pushing forward with a Justice Society plot in season two. We already saw Hourman show up in the season one finale, and a few months ago we learned that Nick Zano had been cast as Dr. Nate Heywood, grandson of JSA member Commander Steel.

So, y’know, you shouldn’t be too surprised with the latest news.

You see, we now also know that actor Matthew MacCaull has now been cast as Henry Heywood, aka the aforementioned “Commander Steel.” Geeks may remember MacCaull from his appearance as Sebastian on iZombie.

I’m pretty excited about exploring the the lesser known depths of the JSA on Legends of Tomorrow. I mean, besides the obvious members who are off the table, it really should provide for some pretty neat characters to shine.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW this October on Thursday nights.

Via ComicBook.com