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Constantine’s First Season Cut Back to 13 Episodes

Deadline is reporting that NBC’s Constantine will reduce its order from 22 episodes to 13. Normally, this means the show is likely to be cancelled, but Constantine is sitting in kind of a weird limbo when it comes to its future.

When the show was first ordered, it was only intended to be a 13 episode season, but extra episodes were ordered. This move effectively reduces the season to its original run length. NBC is also keeping Constantine in its timeslot, in the hopes that its ratings will improve — which is promising for those of us who like the show.

The fate of the show is balanced on the head of a pin.

Via Deadline

Episode 22 – Sad Batman

On this fortnight’s episode Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is shuffling around some creative staffers, DC’s Carnival of Sadness continues (with David S. Goyer practically spiking the “I hate the fans” football), CHRIS PRATT MIGHT RIDE A DINOSAUR in Jurassic World, the classic Sailor Moon’s rerelease is pretty great, some DC TV shows are getting new trailers, and Gamera is getting (another) reboot for 2015.

We are pretty excited for that last one.

Episode 17 – Kickstarter Withheld

On this fortnight’s episode we discuss Zack Snyder’s ranting about Watchmen, John Campbell’s Kickstarter implosion, Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity, Matt Ryan and Constantine, CW’s Flash’s Costume, the Veronica Mars movie… and how 11% of all Americans mistake HTML for an STD.

Yeah. That bit may make you cry.

Note: This episode has slightly strong language near the beginning. We apologize.

Well, to you.

Not to Zack Snyder.