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Episode 92 – Bat/Bad Dads

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we mourn the passing of Richard Hatch, celebrate the joy that is The Lego Batman Movie, consider Ben Affleck’s departure from The Batman‘s director’s chair, and prematurely miss Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who. Then it’s on to the con scene, where Eternal Con organizer Frank Patz has gotten himself banned from New York Comic Con (and all ReedPop events), STX Brazos Valley Comic Con guests are getting charged for hotel rooms that were supposedly paid for, and Crunchyroll has decided that Northern California totally needs another anime convention.

Just like most of us need another hole in the head.

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Crunchyroll is Launching an Anime Con, Because Lord Knows Northern California Needs Another

Today Anime streaming company Crunchyroll announced that they are partnering with Leftfield Media to launch the Crunchyroll Expo. This new event will be a three day anime convention held August 25-27, 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Yep, it’ll be yet another anime con in Northern California.

Totally needed more of those.

I mean, honestly, launching a convention in a heavily saturated market doesn’t sound like the best business decision, and launching a week off of SacAnime might not be the best timing either. Heck, MAGWest, the first West coast edition of DC area gaming con MAGFest is literally being held across the street that weekend. Scheduling aside, with this being yet another Leftfield Media/Urban Expositions/Clarion Events corporate run con, one has to ask how community focused the event will be.

But maybe I’m just being a little cynical there.

Either way, this is a thing that is happening, regardless of whether or not we think it should. Maybe it will turn out great, and everyone will have a good time. But there are only so many weekends in the year, and there are only so many dollars in fans pockets.

I’m just not sure how far they’ll stretch.