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Episode 57 – Without Class

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we briefly discuss the live action Attack on Titan movie, the forthcoming Back to the Future Doc Brown short film, a new Doctor Who spinoff called Class, Prometheus 2 getting a new name, a possible Men in Black reboot sans Will Smith, we let Nick talk about Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans), and the video game voice actors may end up striking.

Also, Pher and Nick will be at Anime Fusion.

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There’s a ‘Back to the Future’ Doc Brown Short Coming

We all remember that Back to the Future II took us to that far off distant time of October 2015. Yes… how far away it is… Anyway, with the timing so perfect they could spit, Universal has decided to finally grace us with a Bluray edition of the trilogy.

A neat bonus on that trilogy is going to be a short film titled “Doc Brown Saves the World,” starring Christopher Lloyd himself. Besides taking place in the future/present year of 2015, we don’t know much about the the short film – but we know we’re excited for it. We’ve embedded the brief teaser for it below.

Back to the Future comes out on Bluray on October 21st.