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Doug Liman to Direct ‘Unearthed’ Movie

Columbia Pictures has picked up the rights to the upcoming young adult novel Unearthed. Written by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, the book is described as “Indiana Jones meets Tomb Raider in Space,” and is set to hit book stores in January.

Doug Liman has signed on to direct the film, and Jez and John Henry Butterworth are writing the script. The Butterworth brothers previously worked with Liman on 2014’s underappreciated Edge of Tomorrow. Liman is also producing, alongside Cross Creek Pictures’ Tyler Thompson.

As we’re talking about an adaptation of a book none of us have read yet, I literally have no idea if this is a good idea or not. Since it’s science fiction that isn’t part of a pre-existing franchise or a remake, I’m all for it whether it ends up being good or not.


Doug Liman Has Stepped Away From ‘Justice League Dark’ Movie

Last August we found out that Edge of Tomorrow director had stepped away from the Gambit movie to take on the Justice League Dark movie Dark Universe. Well, as time passes, and none of these movies seem to be getting made, he’s now stepped away from this one too apparently.

Liman seems to have left the the Justice League Dark film because of scheduling issues, as Lionsgate has greenlit his film Chaos Walking. And you know what they always say “Make the movie that someone’s actually paying you for.”

Liman, of course, was not the first director on this film, as Guillermo del Toro was attached before he got pulled away to work on other projects as well. No word yet on who will take over Justice League Dark from Liman, as the studio isn’t commenting on the departure. We’ll keep following this once a replacement is announced.

Via Variety

Episode 80 – Live at Geek.kon 2016!

This episode of Nerd & Tie was recorded at Geek.kon 2016 at the Madison Marriott West in front of a live studio audience. We’re also continuing our “audio only” streak, because (frankly) it’s easier to set up and tear down at conventions.

We tackle the hard pressing issues this fortnight, like Shatner almost apologizing for Star Trek V, and director Doug Liman moving from the Fox/Marvel Gambit production to DC’s Justice League Dark movie “Dark Universe.” We also cover some lighter fare… like how the reveal that Zendaya’s Spider-Man: Homecoming character is none other than Mary Jane Watson showed us all exactly how many racists we hadn’t weeded out of our Facebook feeds yet.

The CW Seed’s new webseries also looks pretty cool, and (in a pretty weird story) Wizard World Chicago almost let a gun dealer vend.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks.

Doug Liman leaves ‘Gambit,’ Will Direct ‘Justice League Dark’ Film

Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman signed on to replace Rupert Wyatt as director of the Channing Tatum led Gambit film at the end of last year, but the project hasn’t been going super smoothly. After even more delays, the film lost its release date as well. Currently it’s slated to begin production next year.

But it’s going to do so without Liman now.

THR is reporting that Liman has now left the troubled X-Men spin-off. It’s being referred to as a mutual parting of ways, but that just sounds like standard PR rear-end-coverage.

Leaving this project doesn’t mean Liman won’t be doing any superhero films though, as on the heels of this announcement came news that Liman has signed on to direct the upcoming live action Justice League Dark film Dark Universe.

Dark Universe will feature John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan, and was originally to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro left the project though, and it was shelved for a while. It got revived last year though, when producer Scott Rudin got involved. No word yet on when production will begin, but forward momentum on the project like this is extremely promising.

Via THR, Variety

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel in the Works, Doug Liman Directing

2014’s Edge of Tomorrow was critically beloved, but not exactly a runaway commercial success domestically. The film did exceptionally well internationally though, so while it’s surprising, it’s not exactly completely out of left field that a sequel is now in the works.

Doug Liman is returning to direct, and the script is currently being written by Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse. Erwin Stoff and Tom Lassally are currently producing, and stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are expected to return.

The first film was rather self contained, so Shrapnel and Waterhouse will have quite the challenge in front of them creating a narrative that doesn’t feel forced. But if it’s done right, this could be a pretty entertaining film.

Hopefully that’s what we get.

Via Deadline

Doug Liman in Talks to Direct ‘Gambit’

While the forthcoming Gambit movie has a star in Channing Tatum, it’s been without a director for some time. Rupert Wyatt was initially on board, but exited the project a while ago. There have been a litany of rumors about who will take over the film, but things may actually be close to sorting themselves out.

THR is reporting that Doug Liman is in final negotiations with Fox to sit in the director’s chair. Liman previously directed Edge of Tomorrow, and has been developing Luna Park (a science fiction heist movie) with Tom Cruise.

Whoever ends up directing, the Gambit movie is scheduled to come out October 7, 2016.


Jason Fuchs Hired to Write ‘Luna Park’

Doug Liman has been trying to get the film Luna Park made for a while, most recently teaming up with actor Tom Cruise to get it done. Luna Park is officially described as “a group of renegade employees who venture to the moon to steal an energy source.” That is, of course, super vague — and could describe an epic action story or a scifi heist film or anything in between.

But hey, I’d watch any of those movies, so it’s fine by me.

The latest news on the project is that screenwriter (and actor) Jason Fuchs has been brought on board to write the script for the film. Fuchs’s writing credits include Ice Age: Continental Drift, Pan (which flopped) and the forthcoming Wonder Woman film.

If everything goes according to plan, Luna Park could start filming as soon as 2016.

Via Variety

Tom Cruise and Director Doug Liman Developing New Science Fiction Film “Luna Park”

Tom Cruise and Director Doug Liman are planning a new science fiction film entitled Luna Park according to Variety. The two last worked together on the film Edge of Tomorrow, as pictured above.

Liman has been trying to get this film made for a while, with several different lead actors attached before Tom Cruise came on board. According to Variety, the film centers on “a group of renegade employees who venture to the moon to steal an energy source.” That sounds like it could be an entertaining film.

Or not, it’s kind of vague.

Personally, I’m excited just because it means a new, non-adaptation science fiction film is getting made. While I do love the major franchise pictures we’ve been getting over the last several years, I always get way more excited when people are trying something new.

Let’s hope it pans out.

Via Variety