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Episode 94 – Face Stabbing Reluctant Murder Dad

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we discuss the forthcoming return of the old school Cybermen to Doctor Who, how Logan is a film that finally does Wolverine justice, Twitch’s decision to stream all 831 episodes of Power Rangers, and then we dive into the con scene.

And we dive deep.

It’s a bit complicated, because comic writer Tom Taylor won’t do US based cons anymore, Phoenix Comicon sent out a third party survey that got weird, Anime Fan Fest has called it quits, STX Brazos Comic Con is incommunicado with its debtors, and the internet lost its sh*t because a small collectibles show called Elite Con banned cosplay.

And for some reason, we didn’t have anything readable in the mailbag. That hasn’t happened for a while.

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Elite Con’s Cosplay Ban Is Causing the Internet to Flip Out

Elite Con is a tiny, one day collectors’ show scheduled for this Sunday, March 12th, in Tampa Florida. It’s a small, specialty event targeted exclusively at high end collectors, and normally it’d just fly under everyone’s radar.

Except thanks to social media, not so much.

You see, the convention made a couple of posts the other day (which have since been deleted) to their official Facebook page detailing a policy which has turned out to be fairly controversial: The con has banned all forms of cosplay. Continue reading Elite Con’s Cosplay Ban Is Causing the Internet to Flip Out