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Episode 99 – All Washed Out

On this fortnight’s episode of Nerd & Tie we discuss the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer, Netflix making a Witcher television series, Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s twenty-nine city live tour, and then move onto the convention scene. And the con scene was busy these last two weeks, with Great Lakes Fur Con cancelling due to “Staffing Issues,” Duke City Comic Con organizer Jim Burleson putting his foot in his mouth again, and Space City Comic Con rebranding (and weirdly lying about it).

It’s another long one.

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Space City Comic Con Rebrands as Fandom Galaxy, Weirdly Lies About It

Last year was kind of a mess for Houston based Space City Comic Con. During last year’s con there were massive issues which included guests getting written bad checks, organizers calling the cops on said guests, and a whole mess of issues with VIP passes. To say that people were a bit angry at the convention and organizer George Comits would be an understatement.

It looked like the end for Space City Comic Con, and they didn’t plan a 2017 event. We thought the con would fade into fandom memory until about a month ago, when new logos started getting uploaded to the con’s social media pages. The official Twitter account and Facebook page were both renamed to “Fandom Galaxy.”

Most people assumed that this was a simple rebranding. The con had historically cycled through a few names, and there was that whole lawsuit over their old one. Frankly (for obvious reasons) it was clear that the con would want to distance itself from past bad press.

But when people started to press the issue, whoever was operating the “Fandom Galaxy” social media denied being connected to the old convention’s management. This is only puzzling because, well, they veritably are. Continue reading Space City Comic Con Rebrands as Fandom Galaxy, Weirdly Lies About It