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Square-Enix North America Puts Out ‘Final Fantasy’ 30th Anniversary Video

The original Final Fantasy first hit the Famicon thirty years ago this upcoming December. While we don’t think there’s anything major planned, Square Enix North America has released a three minute video about it.

The video is pretty much just a clip montage of all fifteen mainline games I-XV set to the series main musical theme. I’m a little disappointed none of the sequel or spinoff games are included in there, but that would have probably doubled the video’s length if they had tried to shoehorn them all in.

Final Fantasy turns thirty December 18, 2017.

Throwback Thursday: Nick Izumi Reviews Final Fantasy XIII

Have you ever wanted to watch Nick Izumi review Final Fantasy XIII? Well here’s your chance. Because he reviewed it.

Back in 2010.

But hey, it’s Throwback Thursday, so you’re kind of expecting it. Also, I it would be pretty weird for him to just be getting around to it now, y’know?

A Perfect Recreation of FFVII’s Midgar in Minecraft

It took two years, but a guy named “Killerx20” has recreated FFVII’s Midgar in perfect detail in Minecraft. The project was completed almost entirely by hand, and has literally everything you could ever hope to find in the steam/dieselpunk city.

I mean, seriously — this is downright amazing. Especially when you consider that you only see small sections of the world in the real game. To integrate those with a general city layout is just… well… awesome.

You can download the massive 1290×1290 map right here.

Via Kotaku