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Episode 89 – 2016 in Review

Hey everyone, it’s time for our annual year in review special, where we talk about the best and worst things that came out over the span of 2016. We go through our picks for movies, new television shows, video games, comics, conventions, and things to come out of Japan. It’s a pretty broad scope. Before that though, we take a moment to remember the late Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, who passed since our last episode.

Which is pretty damned sad.

This is also Pher’s last episode on the podcast, and we bid him a fond farewell.

That’s less sad, because Pher is still alive.

(This episode was sponsored by Paul Langland.)

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A ‘Firewatch’ Film Adaptation is in Development

Camp Santo’s Firewatch is probably one of the more interesting video games to come out this year. Set in 1989, you play as Henry, a newly hired forest fire lookout the Shoshone National Forest. The game has a lonely ambience, and a strong story driven by isolation. You spend most of the game interacting with the character Delilah over walkie-talkie, who you never actually see. It’s a pretty amazing game experience if you haven’t played it.

And now it might become a movie.

THR is reporting that Good Universe is teaming up with developer Camp Santo to develop content that can work in both film and video games. The first project they are going to work on, of course, appears to be developing a film version of Firewatch.

As previously stated, Firewatch is very story driven — so it’s entirely possible that this may be the first video game film that’s actually good (we’ve gotten “watchable” and “not terrible” before — but never actually “good”). I have to end this with my standard “this is early days, films get killed in development all the time” disclaimer of course, but I think this film could be pretty great assuming we ever get to see it.

I guess we’ll find out.