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Fox Wants To Bring Back ‘The X-Files’

According to recent reports, Fox is trying to bring back the X-files. The term “reboot” has been thrown around a lot, but as they’re trying to get Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on board (along with series creator Chris Carter), it seems like the term “revival” is more appropriate.

Think what they did with 24.

Right now everything is preliminary, so nothings been decided yet — but as this is driven by the network, as long as the creative talent is on board, it might actually happen.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, frankly. The X-Files came out of the 90s paranoia that doesn’t necessarily feel as right these days. Of course, I’ll still tune in if it happens.

Because I’m a continuity whore.

But I don’t know if I’ll like it.

Via Deadline

Fox Picks Up Rights To ‘Escape From New York’

While there had been previous rumors about a remake of Escape From New York, we finally have something actually concrete. The previous rumors may have been baloney, but a remake of the cult classic now seems inevitable.

Deadline is reporting that Fox has now secured the rights to the franchise. Right now details are scarce (as Fox literally just bought it), but Mike Ireland will be steering the projects and John Carpenter (the mind behind the original) will be a producer on the film.

This is just the latest attempt to reboot the franchise, and the most likely to be successful — but does Escape From New York really need a reboot?


Via Deadline

Channing Tatum led “Gambit” Film Coming October 7, 2016

We know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for a Gambit film set in Fox’s X-men franchise. Or at the very least you’ve said “Eh, that could be decent.” Either way, it’s not a terrible thing, and since life seems to be occupied by terrible things lately, I’m choosing to get excited for it.

I have very, very low standards right now.

Tatum was revealed to be cast to play the Cajun member of the X-men in a solo film a while back, but everyone was expecting a 2018 release date. Well, according to Channing Tatum’s twitter account, it’s coming a bit sooner than that:

So Hooray! I guess! This isn’t a bad thing at the very least!

Via Polygon

Episode 37 – 2014 in Review

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we do our second annual “Year in Review” episode – designed to take you across a magical wonderland of the best and worst that 2014 had to offer. From the wonders of the Flash and Constantine to the horrors of the non-Gundam Sunrise anime series, we cover everything and anything worth covering.

I think.

Two of us were pretty sick this episode, so we’re not sure what actually made it in and what wasn’t a fever dream.

Video Version:

Audio Version:

Episode 35 – Video Unavailable

On this episode, we talk about the Jurassic World Trailer, the Episode VII trailer, Oscar Isaac’s casting as Apocalypse, Constantine’s order getting cut, Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark script, Wonder Woman getting a woman director and, finally, our trip to Daisho Con.

We did a video version for this episode, but I (Trae) had my computer crash before it could be saved — so let’s just be glad the audio version survived, okay?

This has been a stressful evening.

Oscar Isaac to play Apocalypse in next X-Men Film

Variety is reporting that Oscar Isaac has been cast as the titular villain in X-Men: Apocalypse. Best known for his critically acclaimed performance in Inside Llewyn Davis, Isaac seems a decent choice for Mr. Extendable-Torso-Action-Figure. The film is expected to be much more of a disaster film (featuring mass destruction), but that’s expected with the choice of Apocalypse as the film’s antagonist.

Of course the annoying thing about this film looking good is my personal distaste for director Bryan Singer as a human being.

X-Men: Apocalypse (and my impending moral dilemma about seeing it) arrives in theaters in May 2016.

Via Variety

Are you ready for a “Gritty” Fantastic Four Movie? I’m Not.

So we’ve already established that in the upcoming Fox reboot of the Fantastic Four films that Doctor Doom looks like No Brand Con Mascot Duct Tape Boy, but did you know the film was going for a “gritty” feel?

It is, according to actor Michael B. Jordan (who is playing the Human Torch in the reboot). Specifically, he said “It’s gritty. It’s a gritty film.”

And I don’t know if I’m a fan of that idea.

While they’ve been produced by a different studio, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has proven that you don’t need to be gritty and dark to make a good superhero flick, and the Fantastic Four is a property that (at least personally I think) works best when it embraces its campy origins. I’m not saying it can never be dark (far from it), but if you’re going to make a two hour picture as a starting point for their story… it just seems off.

Hopefully what Jordan meant was just that there was a lot of dust and dirt on set.

Via ABC News

Episode 30 – Prophet of Doom

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we webcast to a live audience for the first time! We also talked about Supergirl coming to CBS, a Teen Titans TV show on TNT, Obi-Wan Kenobi getting his own flick, Deadpool FINALLY getting his own movie, Agent Carter showing up in Agents of SHIELD, Chris Evan’s future as Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy appearing in Avengers 3, and a Firefly film that amazingly doesn’t suck.

Seriously, you should watch it.

It’s pretty awesome.

Also we talk about the “Ender’s Game” movie from a while back at the beginning. Because Trae made the mistake of watching it.


Deadpool is a remarkably popular character in Marvel comics, yet beyond his appearance in the so-awful-it-was-largely-retconned-away Wolverine Origins film, he’s somehow managed to avoid the box office. Fans may finally rejoice though, as Variety is reporting that that a Deadpool movie is now officially happening.

How official? Fox has given it a release date of February 12, 2016. That’s pretty darned official.

Tim Miller is slotted to direct, with Lauren Shuler Donner and Kevin Feige producing. Right now there is no word as to whether or not Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role, but that’s definitely the fan favorite choice at the moment.

It’s kind of amazing.

Via Variety

Is this a leaked photo of Doctor Doom from the new “Fantastic Four” movie?

So over the last couple of days a pair of images have been floating around the vast interwebs which purportedly show us what Doctor Doom is going to look like in the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four. Well, at least what he’s going to look like in one scene (you can’t discount the possibility of a mid-film costume change).

There’s not much to talk about, so here’s what the photos look like (click to enlarge):

We have removed the photos at the request of 20th Century Fox — but they’re still up at io9

Personally I hope this isn’t the final armor in the film, and that eventually Doom puts on something a little more… traditional. Also, I know most of the country won’t have thought of this, but doesn’t Doom mildly resemble No Brand Con mascot Duct Tape Boy a bit in this?


It’s just sort of uncanny…

Via Screenrant