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Episode 78 – Please Don’t Explode

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, the MST3K Revival has found a home on Netflix, SDCC sees the release of Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers, we finally find out who’s in Supergirl’s pod, Ghost Rider’s coming to Agents of SHIELD, Brie Larson’s been cast as Captain Marvel, the new Star Trek show has a name (and ship), and Trae and Nick went to Kitsune Kon.

And our computers barely kept themselves together… it was rough.

Video Version:

Note: Due to the normal server we stream to being down, we were forced to record this on a local machine… that couldn’t quite keep up. It gets a bit unsynchronized and the show goes on. And by “a bit” I mean “a lot.”

Audio Version:

Confirmed: Gabriel Luna Will Play Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD

Earlier this month we posted about the likelihood of the Robbie Reyes incarnation of Ghost Rider appearing on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD this upcoming season. Well, it looks like that rumor is not only true, but we also know who is going to play him.

Marvel has now officially announced that Gabriel Luna will take on the role this fall.

As we said last time, the version of Ghost Rider which will feature in Agents of SHIELD is not the same character who was played by Nicholas Cage in two films previously — instead a different character who took on the mantle later in the comics. It’s a pretty shrewd move, allowing the IP to be used immediately, while saving the Johnny Blaze character for future, potential film installations.

Agents of SHIELD returns this Fall on ABC.

Via Nerdist