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Episode 80 – Live at Geek.kon 2016!

This episode of Nerd & Tie was recorded at Geek.kon 2016 at the Madison Marriott West in front of a live studio audience. We’re also continuing our “audio only” streak, because (frankly) it’s easier to set up and tear down at conventions.

We tackle the hard pressing issues this fortnight, like Shatner almost apologizing for Star Trek V, and director Doug Liman moving from the Fox/Marvel Gambit production to DC’s Justice League Dark movie “Dark Universe.” We also cover some lighter fare… like how the reveal that Zendaya’s Spider-Man: Homecoming character is none other than Mary Jane Watson showed us all exactly how many racists we hadn’t weeded out of our Facebook feeds yet.

The CW Seed’s new webseries also looks pretty cool, and (in a pretty weird story) Wizard World Chicago almost let a gun dealer vend.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks.

Doug Liman leaves ‘Gambit,’ Will Direct ‘Justice League Dark’ Film

Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman signed on to replace Rupert Wyatt as director of the Channing Tatum led Gambit film at the end of last year, but the project hasn’t been going super smoothly. After even more delays, the film lost its release date as well. Currently it’s slated to begin production next year.

But it’s going to do so without Liman now.

THR is reporting that Liman has now left the troubled X-Men spin-off. It’s being referred to as a mutual parting of ways, but that just sounds like standard PR rear-end-coverage.

Leaving this project doesn’t mean Liman won’t be doing any superhero films though, as on the heels of this announcement came news that Liman has signed on to direct the upcoming live action Justice League Dark film Dark Universe.

Dark Universe will feature John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan, and was originally to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro left the project though, and it was shelved for a while. It got revived last year though, when producer Scott Rudin got involved. No word yet on when production will begin, but forward momentum on the project like this is extremely promising.

Via THR, Variety

‘Gambit’ Loses Its Release Date to Untitled Fox Studios Marvel Film

The Channing Tatum led, Doug Liman directed Gambit movie has had a rocky road to production. It’s been off again and on again so many times I want to make a 90s sitcom reference or something. The latest news is rather mixed, as the film appears to have lost its release date.

While the film still is theoretically on, the October 7th 2016 release date has instead been given to an unnamed Fox studios Marvel film. Fox also announced a second unnamed Marvel-property film for January 12, 2018.

The Gambit movie is still scheduled to go into production this spring, so maybe that latter date is intended for the project. It’s not exactly glowing news though to be replaced with “a player to be named later” on the release schedule though.

Via Polygon

Doug Liman in Talks to Direct ‘Gambit’

While the forthcoming Gambit movie has a star in Channing Tatum, it’s been without a director for some time. Rupert Wyatt was initially on board, but exited the project a while ago. There have been a litany of rumors about who will take over the film, but things may actually be close to sorting themselves out.

THR is reporting that Doug Liman is in final negotiations with Fox to sit in the director’s chair. Liman previously directed Edge of Tomorrow, and has been developing Luna Park (a science fiction heist movie) with Tom Cruise.

Whoever ends up directing, the Gambit movie is scheduled to come out October 7, 2016.


Channing Tatum Back On Board For ‘Gambit’

We’ve known for most of 2015 that a Channing Tatum led Gambit movie was in the works, with an intended release date of October 7, 2016. Recently though there were some puzzling statements which made it look like Tatum might exit the project.

Well, worry no more, because THR is now reporting that Tatum has officially signed on to the project and everything is heading forward full steam.

It’s a bit of a relief, because Tatum is really the main reason the Gambit film is happening in the first place. The character is a personal favorite of the actor. With Gambit now a sure thing, it also means Fox will have three Marvel movies coming out in 2016 (X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool and Gambit).

Dude… 2016 is going to be busy for cape films…


Channing Tatum Might Exit ‘Gambit’ Movie?

So you know that Channing Tatum led Gambit movie that’s supposed to start filming this fall and then get released in October 2016? Y’know, the one that was a passion project for Tatum? That movie that really looked like a sure thing?

Well, apparently not so much.

The Wrap is reporting that “something is up” and that Tatum may no longer be starring in the film.

No one is exactly sure what the issue is, but what seemed pretty set in stone (enough so that Fox pushed the film forward) apparently isn’t. There’s still a chance that Tatum will remain in the role, but that is looking like far less of a certainty than it did a few days ago.

Via The Wrap

Channing Tatum led “Gambit” Film Coming October 7, 2016

We know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for a Gambit film set in Fox’s X-men franchise. Or at the very least you’ve said “Eh, that could be decent.” Either way, it’s not a terrible thing, and since life seems to be occupied by terrible things lately, I’m choosing to get excited for it.

I have very, very low standards right now.

Tatum was revealed to be cast to play the Cajun member of the X-men in a solo film a while back, but everyone was expecting a 2018 release date. Well, according to Channing Tatum’s twitter account, it’s coming a bit sooner than that:

So Hooray! I guess! This isn’t a bad thing at the very least!

Via Polygon