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Episode 58 – Bigger Than Ever

This episode of Nerd & Tie is sadly just Pher and Trae, as Nick couldn’t make it back in time from Anime Fusion to record the show. Left to their own devices, the remaining Nerds (and Ties) dig into yesterday’s all too tragic ZombiCon shooting, try to distract themselves with the new Gamera trailer, rejoices at Godzilla vs. King Kong‘s confirmation, ogle the overly detailed Man of Steel’s “Fortress of Solitude” drawn by Frank Miller, get amazed by the return of Starhunter, and recount Pher’s experiences at Anime Fusion.

Which, at the time of recording, Nick had finally left.

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The Gamera Trailer Is Here, And It’s Awesome

When we found out back in 2014 that a new Gamera film was on the way, we got pretty excited. Well, it’s a year and a half later… and we’re still pretty excited.

Oh, and there’s now a trailer out too.

The trailer features everything you’d expect from a Gamera film – a kid, some humor, and a giant turtle. It’s everything you could ever want — only it looks like the kid grows up in this one so we don’t have to spend the whole film with someone yelling “don’t hurt Gamera! He’s my friend!” — as that can get annoying pretty darned quick.

There’s no release date yet for the film, but it’s still expected to come out before the end of the year.

Episode 22 – Sad Batman

On this fortnight’s episode Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is shuffling around some creative staffers, DC’s Carnival of Sadness continues (with David S. Goyer practically spiking the “I hate the fans” football), CHRIS PRATT MIGHT RIDE A DINOSAUR in Jurassic World, the classic Sailor Moon’s rerelease is pretty great, some DC TV shows are getting new trailers, and Gamera is getting (another) reboot for 2015.

We are pretty excited for that last one.