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Episode 69 – Just a Second (Season)

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, it’s all about second seasons. Supergirl‘s been renewed for one, Daredevil‘s has now premiered on Netflix, and Attack on Titan‘s has been delayed. Besides that, we discuss the announced fifth Indiana Jones film, Space City Comic Con lawsuit, and new developments in the Geek Girl Chicago/Ron Ladao incident.

And we’re all adults. We can see the episode number. Let’s move on.

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An Update on the Lauren Faits/Ron Ladao Harassment Situation

Back in February we wrote an article about a couple of situations, including a summary of an incident from a dozen years ago involving “Geek Girl Chicago” blogger Lauren Faits and photographer Ron “Soulcrash” Ladao. In her original blog post she said that Ladao burst into a room that she and others were changing in, and claimed that Ladao had tried to film her and others in a state of undress.

Ladao disputed her version of events in a Facebook post. Faits went on to revise her post, correcting several mistakes she had made, including forgetting to acknowledge that the room belonged to Ladao. Considering that the events happened in 2003, it seemed unlikely that any additional clarity could be brought to the situation though.

Well, that assumption turned out to be wrong. Continue reading An Update on the Lauren Faits/Ron Ladao Harassment Situation