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Matt Reeves Has Tossed Out Ben Affleck’s Script For ‘The Batman’

When Ben Affleck stepped down from directing The Batman and Matt Reeves took over the director’s chair, a lot of us were wondering if Reeves was still going to use the script penned by Affleck and Geoff Johns for the film. Well, thanks to comments Reeves made on MTV’s podcast Happy Sad Confused, we now know what the answer to that question is — he’s not.

Reeves apparently wanted to start fresh, and who can blame him. There’s only so much creative freedom in directing one of these shared universe films, and you need to grab it where you can. The director describes the new story for The Batman as a noir tale diving into the Dark Knight’s psychology.

In Affleck and Johns’s script, Deathstroke was the villain (with Joe Manganiello cast to play the part). There is no word as to whether or not Reeves’s new direction will use the character or the casting though. As Manganiello is a talented actor, it’d be disappointing to lose him.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige Explain How Richard Donner’s ‘Superman: The Movie’ Influenced Them

Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige may be helming competing superhero movie franchises right now, but both began their careers working for legendary director Richard Donner. At an event in Donner’s honor on Wednesday, the two each recounted how the director’s work (especially on seminal superhero film Superman: The Movie) still influences what they do today.

The video of the two talking is just over three minutes long, but it’s worth sitting down and watching it. In the bizarre fan wars that occasionally erupt online, it’s important to remember that the vitriolic “rivalry” between Marvel and DC franchises largely is a problem amongst those who consume the media and not those who make it.

Also, I really want to go rewatch Superman: The Movie right now…

Episode 74 – Bucking Tradition

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, CBS and Paramount have decided to settle the Axanar lawsuit , there’s a bit of Captain America controversy, Geoff Johns has been put in charge of the DCEU, Emerald City Comicon is getting sued, Anime Expo reverses Background check policy for vendors, Space City Comic Con has a bizarre guest/vip pass fiasco on a massive scale, and our roadshow continues to hit more cons!

And we read your letters too!

(Correction: In this episode we mistakenly refer to a set of proposed fan film guidelines as endorsed by CBS and Paramount — these guidelines are actually the ones Axanar’s producers are proposing to CBS and Paramount as a part of their settlement)

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Warner Bros Gets Its Sh*t Together, Puts Geoff Johns in Charge of DCEU

The DCEU has been in (and please forgive the choice of words) a bit of a crisis. Frankly Batman v Superman was expected to do way better than it did, and much of its failure can be put squarely on the shoulders of director Zack Snyder. This is, of course, a bit of a problem because much of the direction the DC Extended Universe films was being determined by Snyder (as he’s also directing Justice League). The ship, frankly, needed to be righted.

And it looks like Warner Bros is finally doing that.

According to THR, there’s been a major organizational shakeup for Warner Bros creative departments, and the DCEU is finally putting people in charge of it… and one is someone who actually understands how to tell a story.

You see, Warner Bros has officially put DC Comics’s Geoff Johns and VP Jon Berg in charge of the DCEU. Jon Berg has already been working on a lot of the DCEU films, and Geoff Johns is… well… he’s Geoff Johns. Besides being Chief Creative Officer for DC Comics since 2010, Geoff Johns is an incredibly talented writer.

This move in unprecedented for the DCEU, in the sense that Warner Bros has finally done something absolutely right. No longer will the franchises be at the whim of a petulant manchild (Snyder), and I think we can look forward to a pretty bright future here.

I mean, assuming they don’t mess it up in a different way.


Ben Affleck to Direct and Co-Write Solo Batman Film

Ever since Batman v Superman was announced, and Warner Bros and DC went all “shared universe” crazy, it’s been fairly obvious a new Batman solo movie would be in the works.

Well guess what? One is.

And Ben Affleck is directing it.

And he’s cowriting it.

Deadline is reporting that the legendary Geoff Johns will cowrite the film with Affleck. No word on release date of course, as Affleck has another project to finish first.

In any case, I’m pretty sure that this is the first time the actor playing the caped crusader has written OR directed a screen adaptation — although this is also the first time the guy playing Batman has an Oscar for screenwriting.

So… yeah. It might be good.

We’ll find out.

Via Deadline