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Josh Hutcherson to Star in ‘Future Man’ Pilot for Hulu

Josh Hutcherson (of Hunger Games fame) has been cast as the lead in Future Man, a pilot currently being developed at Hulu by Executive Producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Hutcherson will play “Josh Futterman,” a janitor who spends his spare time playing video games. Futterman ends up being tasked by mysterious visitors from the future to use those video game skills to save the world from an alien invasion (or something like that — I’m extrapolating from summaries here).

So I guess it’ll be kind of like The Last Starfighter, only funny on purpose.

Hopefully the show will end up being both picked up and good, because it sounds like something I’d like to actually watch. Hulu’s been getting more ambitious in their original programming (although nowhere near the level of competitor Netflix) and it’s nice to see them try more bold gambles.

Let’s hope they pull it off.

Via TVLine

Episode 47 – The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected

On this episodes we break things down into the Good (show renewals), the Bad (show cancellations) and the Unexpected (which is what it sounds like). Listen to and watch us celebrate iZombie, Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD all getting new seasons. Listen to us lament the loss of Constantine… and Helix.

Then we get to Red Dwarf‘s two new upcoming series, a Myst TV show, and a thoroughly unneeded third installment in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga.

We also share our thoughts on No Brand Con and read the biggest mailbag in a long while.

This episode was sponsored by Zach Fisher. You can sponsor episodes too.

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Pensacola Comic Con, Pensacola, FL – Aug 8-9, 2015

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‘Myst’ TV Series Coming to Hulu

If you had a computer with a CD ROM drive in the mid-nineties, you’re very familiar with the game Myst. Set in a unique fantasy world where your character (usually referred to in later works as “The Stranger”) travels via linking books.

Well Legendary has been developing a television show based off the game, and now it’s coming to Hulu.

The show will be written by Divergent‘s Evan Daugherty and produced by Matt Tolmach. Myst offers an interesting story unlike anything really on the air right now (even if it means giving The Stranger an actual name), and I honestly wonder why this hasn’t happened sooner.

Via Deadline

James Franco to Star in Hulu Original Series 11/22/63

Less talented brother of Dave Franco and occasional creeper James Franco has been cast as the lead in the Hulu Original Series 11/22/63.

11/22/63 is based off the Stephen King bestseller of the same name, and tells the story of a time traveling English teacher trying to stop the JFK assassination. The series is produced by Bridget Carpenter and J.J. Abrams (who just can’t help working on everything it seems).

The show will be a self contained, nine-hour limited series that tells just a single story. Some have speculated that if the show does well, further seasons may be commissioned. But those seasons would have to tell different self contained stories… which would make the 11/22/63 title awkward.

So, y’know, don’t count on it.

Via EW