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David S. Goyer Developing ‘The Black Company’ for Television, Starring Eliza Dushku

David S. Goyer’s Phantom Four, Boston Diva Productions and IM Global Television are currently developing a television series based off of Glen Cook’s The Black Company. Eliza Dushku, who founded Boston Diva Productions, is expected to star in the series.

Deadline summarizes The Black Company quite simply:

The series follows the exploits of the Black Company, an elite mercenary unit that carries out the often nefarious deeds of the highest bidder across a Tolkeinesque landscape. When these hard-bitten men discover the prophecy that the embodiment of good has been reborn, they must re-examine their loyalties. The Lady (Dushku), who rules over the Northern Empire, uses the Black Company to further her domination of a power structure rife with usurpers.

Assuming this continues to move forward, it’s a pretty exciting announcement.

Via Deadline, h/t KORfan

New ‘King Kong’ Television Series in Development

A new television series based around King Kong is apparently now in development. The show is being put together by IM Global Television and MarVista Entertainment, and will pull elements from Merian C. Cooper’s original King Kong and Skull Island from DeVito Artworks. It’s important to note that this show will have no relation to Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island, which came out earlier this year.

If you’re confused as to why there are multiple Kong projects happening simultaneously, you might want to check out the extremely complicated situation around King Kong’s legal ownership.

Jonathan Penner and Stacy Title are penning the script, which will focus on a diverse ensemble cast and feature a primary protagonist who is a woman. The show itself will likely be largely set on Skull Island as well. Beyond those basic details, we know very little, but hey — it’s more King Kong.

Let’s just hope it’s good King Kong.

Via Empire