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Episode 106 – Unceremonious Exits

On this episode we discuss a couple of notable exits — Colin Trevorrow getting canned from Star Wars Episode IX and Ed Skrein quitting the Hellboy film amidst whitewashing concerns. On a similar theme, Syfy has cancelled Blood Drive and Dark Matter, and the BBC has decided to not renew Doctor Who spinoff Class. We also tackle Joss Whedon getting a screenwriting credit on Justice League, and two people were injured when chairs were thrown from a balcony at Dragon Con. We start by touching on the recent losses of Len Wein and Jerry Pournelle.

Gen’s on vacation, so it’s just Trae and Nick — but hey, video is working again!

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Science Fiction Author Jerry Pournelle Has Died

We’re sad to report that legendary science fiction author Jerry Pournelle has passed away. The writer said in his blog last week that he’d come home from DragonCon feeling sick, and his son Alex confirmed his passing on Friday.

While I was never fond of his politics, it’s hard to imagine what military science fiction would look like without him. A prolific author, he notably collaborated with author Larry Niven on about a dozen books including Lucifer’s Hammer and The Mote in God’s Eye. Pournelle also famously was the first person to ever write a published novel on a personal computer, which he did so in 1977.

Jerry Pournelle was 84 years old.

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