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Episode 61 – In Constant Pain

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, Gen Prock is sitting in for Nick Izumi (who is off rehearsing a play). We tackle the full cast announcement of the revived MST3K, Frank Miller’s bizarre desire to make a fourth Dark Knight installment, the trailer for Captain America: Civil War, Supergirl getting a full season order, Kevin Bacon shopping around a new Tremors TV show, and what happened when Pher and Gen went to Daisho Con.

It’s super fun.

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Joel Hodgson Reviving MST3K Through Kickstarter!

To say Mystery Science Theater 3000 was one of the more formative television series for my sense of humor would be an understatement. The show is still regularly quoted by my closer friends, and I still regularly go back and watch old episodes of the show.

For the longest time, it seemed like bringing back the show was nigh impossible. After the show went off the air in 1999 the rights to the show were tied up. When both Mike Nelson and Joel Hodgson made both of their spiritual successors, they did so under very different branding. Seeing actual MST3K again seemed almost impossible…

…until now.

Today, series creator Joel Hodgson launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund a new season of the show. The rights have apparently been settled, and if they reach their $2 million goal they will produce three new episodes. If they cross that threshold, more episodes will be produced as well. Joel won’t be the host (nor Mike, who is not involved with this project), but instead a new human (yet to be chosen) will be stranded on the Satellite of Love alongside Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo (and we don’t know who’s voicing those two either).

But it’ll be MST3K — like real, genuine MST3K. And that’s pretty awesome.

MST3K Turkey Day Returns For 2014

Back in the day, Thanksgiving meant that MST3K would be celebrating Turkey Day — running a marathon of favorite episodes. Well, last year, Shout! Factory brought back series creator and original host Joel Hodgson to do a streaming version of Turkey Day with fresh host segments.

Well, 2014 is here and MST3K Turkey Day returns again!

That’s right, Hodgson will yet again be hosting a marathon of episodes from both his and Mike Nelson’s eras of the show, and I for one am looking forward to it.

Via Nerdist