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Episode 91 – Titan Sized Edition

On the longest episode of Nerd & Tie so far, we mourn the passing of John Hurt, Warner Bros wants to make an American live action Attack on Titan, Star Wars Episode VIII finally has a title, the Axanar lawsuit has finally been settled, Jughead apparently isn’t asexual in Riverdale, Comic Excitement Convention flops, Phoenix Comicon has changed its staffing policies a second time, Angry Goat Productions is looking either incompetent or shady, and Evercon has filed for a restraining order against Scott Windorski.

This is a big one, so strap in.

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Screen Legend John Hurt Has Died

After a prolonged battle with cancer, screen legend John Hurt has sadly passed away. The actor was 77 years old.

While many will mention his acclaimed role as John Merrick in The Elephant Man, our readers will likely remember him for his performances in movies like Alien, Snowpiercer, and the Harry Potter films. Hurt also appeared in a number of television projects as well, including playing the dragon in Merlin and, of course, the War Doctor regeneration on Doctor Who. Frankly, the man has far too many credits to his name to list them all here.

With Hurt’s passing the world has lost a legend. Very few actors could bring the gravitas and power to a part like he could, and the man will definitely be missed.

John Hurt’s War Doctor is Coming Back in Audio Drama Form

John Hurt’s The War Doctor may have been shoe-horned into the Doctor’s timeline to let the plot of of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special work once Christopher Eccleston refused to appear, but he’s been embraced by the fandom pretty strongly. I mean, he’s John Hurt, so that’s probably a part of it. It seemed unlikely that we’d ever see this particular incarnation of the time lord again though, as the 50th ended his story so well.

Well, we weren’t completely right on that last bit.

While he’s not coming back to screens, John Hurt will return to the role of the War Doctor in a new Big Finish Audio Adventure. Titled “Only the Monstrous,” it’s expected to be out this December. Hurt will be joined by Jacqueline Pierce, who plays a time lady. The audio story is intended to be part of a bridge between the the audio adventures of Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor and the revived ongoing television series.

Personally, I’m very excited.

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