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The First Teaser for Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ Is Full of Nostalgia

It was first revealed to the world that Netflix was making a television series based off of the classic Konami Castlevania video games back in February. We honestly had very few details about the show beyond “Castlevania show” and “coming in 2017,” but that’s finally starting to change.

The streaming service has now released a teaser for the series, along with a premiere date of July 7th. The teaser itself actually only includes a little footage from the actual show, spending over half of it trying to tug the NES nostalgia strings of the viewer. If the first season wasn’t coming out in less than two months, I might think it was because they had very little of the show done yet.

What we do see of the show looks dark, bloody, and (frankly) very Castlevania. Hopefully the quality of the show itself will match the faithfulness of its visuals.

‘Castlevania’ Television Series Coming to Netflix

Who wants a Castlevania televisions show? Well, if the answer is “yes,” I have some good news for you — because you’re totally getting one. You see, buried in a press release yesterday, Netflix announced that they’re making one.

If you answered “no,” well… don’t watch it?

We know practically nothing about the show right now, because Netflix was extremely skint on the details. Literally everything they’ve said is simply:

Castlevania Season 1, Part 1 Coming to Netflix in 2017

Yeah, that’s not a lot to go on. Many have speculated that it’s the same project Frederator Networks and producer Adi Shankar have been working on for a while, but we’ve yet to see any official confirmation of that. The Globe and Mail is reporting that Warren Ellis is involved too, but none of this is coming from Netflix as far as we can tell.

But hey, Castlevania TV show. Neat.

Via io9

Episode 63 – 2015 in Review

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for our third annual year in review episode! We discuss the best and worst 2015 had to offer when it comes to movies, new television shows, Anime, video games, comics and (of course) conventions! Find out what Nick, Trae and Pher really liked and what they really, really hated…

It’s super fun.

Also, someone finally guessed the damned book Trae’s been reading for so many months — and they went to too much trouble to do so. But we kind of love them for it, so it’s really okay.

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