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Episode 75 – No Help at All

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie podcast, we discuss John Boyega joining the cast of Pacific Rim 2, Kung Fury 2’s apparent development, Sacha Baron Cohen being cast as the big screen ‘Mandrake the Magician,’ we let Nick talk about Voltron, a version of Vixen will appear on Legends of Tomorrow, and Pher went to 2D Con.

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True Survivors Get Excited – Kung Fury 2 is in the Works

Last year’s Kung Fury, besides being a massive Kickstarter success, was probably one of the most entertaining comedies to come out in a long time. I mean, it was a fabulous pastiche of ’80s action films, absurdist comedy, and surprisingly engaging fight scenes (not to mention a pretty amazing theme song). I could talk more about it, or (if you haven’t seen it) you could just watch the half hour long short film right now and keep reading afterwards:

Pretty amazing, right? Well that film dropped a year ago, and fans have been clamoring for more. Creator and Kung Fury star David Sandberg had previously expressed a desire to do a feature length follow up to the short, and it looks like that’s finally moving forward.

Earlier this week, Sandberg posted the following to Instagram:

Today, Kung Fury turns 1… Today, the future is written… Stay tuned #happykungfuryday

A photo posted by David Sandberg (@laserunicorns) on

That’s right, there’s totally a script now for Kung Fury 2, and I, for one, am pretty damned excited. I mean, sure — I don’t know if the joke will work in a longer format, but with how much I enjoyed the first installment, I’m more than willing to give this sequel a shot.

We’ll be following this one pretty closely.

Why Haven’t You Watched ‘Kung Fury’ Yet?

So we’ve talked about Kung Fury on multiple occasions on this blog (and the amazing Hasselhoff video for its theme song), but for those of you who aren’t caught up, it’s a crowd funded, over the top homage to 80s action cinema.

And it premiered yesterday online and on the El Rey Network.

And honestly? Kung Fury lived up to everything it proclaimed itself to be. It’s 31 minutes of concentrated awesomeness. And I do mean concentrated, because Kung Fury is a densely packed, unending stream of action and jokes. Most of them work, and the few that don’t are followed quickly enough by ones that do where it’s forgivable.

The genius of Kung Fury is that the gimmick works really well in a short film. I don’t know if I could have watched something longer than a half hour without being allowed to pause for breath like that.

But you should totally watch it… like immediately.

As in “right now.”

Here it is. Go do it.

‘Kung Fury’ Will Air on El Rey Network

We’ve known for a while that Kung Fury was aiming for a May 28th release. The half hour long martial arts action comedy, which was made using a highly successful Kickstarter and has spawned the best David Hasselhoff music video ever made, was originally just destined for the web.

Well no more.

You see, Kung Fury is coming to US televisions via the El Rey Network. El Rey will air Kung Fury at 6:30pm Eastern on May 28th. Never heard of El Rey Network? Well that’s because only 21% of US households have it.

But I have it, as SlingTV is one of the providers that offers the network.

So I know what I’m doing Thursday.

Via The Verge

David Hasselhoff Sings the Amazing ‘Kung Fury’ Theme Song

Kung Fury is one of those things which can only exist because the universe saw fit to birth something truly awesome. Financed by a massively successful Kickstarter, this 80s action film inspired, over the top, half hour long mega-fest of greatness won’t come out until May 28th – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of it now (I mean beyond the original trailer).

This week they released the music video for the movie’s theme, called “True Survivor” – and, amazingly, they got David Hasselhoff to sing it.

And then made a music video for it.

Because of course they did. That what you do when you’re making a film like this and three times your budget is raised. I’ve embedded the video below, and you should watch it. Because of explosions. And Dinosaurs. And Justice.