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Episode 49 – Starting a Gen

On this fortnight’s excursion into the world of Geek, Gen Prock is sitting in for Nick (as his Skype just absolutely refused to connect tonight). We discuss the cancellation of Tron 3, the announcement of Fallout 4, the possible remakes of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Big Trouble in Little China, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy 2 getting a script.

We also discuss the “Women in Comics” panel calamity at Denver Comic Con and the overwhelming harassment issues at MomoCon.

Which are, y’know, not good things.


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Fox Wants to Remake “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

Remember the movie adaptation of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Remember how terrible it was? Remember how it made Alan Moore cry for, like, legitimate reasons? Remember how it pretty much killed Sean Connery’s career?

Well, Fox wants to go back and try to do it all over again.

Deadline is reporting that Fox wants to remake the League. John Davis will produce, and the project would be overseen by Ira Napoliello and Matt Reilly.

Fox tried to remake this once before, previously as a TV series in 2013, but that project died thankfully too. I’m not sure where Fox sees value in the onscreen franchise, as the 2003 film pretty much tainted the water on this one. I mean, a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie definitely could be very good, but I don’t see a lot of chances for it to be financially successful.

All of this is in early stages though, and may amount to nothing.

I guess we’ll find out.

Via Deadline