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Pacific Rim 2 Gets a Release Date

Pacific Rim was, by far, our favorite movie of 2013 here at Nerd & Tie. It had giant robots, it had kaiju, it had giant robots punching kaiju… it was just everything. Most importantly though, it managed to stay completely away from the concept of “grimdark” — which for the most part we’re kind of sick of. I mean, there was bad stuff, but the movie just still felt optimistic.

Even through an apocalypse.

Financially the film was a mixed bag — it didn’t do that well in the US, but internationally it was a hit (especially in China). A sequel was announced pretty quickly, but then it went into limbo for a while. The possibility of Pacific Rim 2 showing up got less and less likely.

But then everything turned around.

First, we found out a script was compeleted for the sequel. Then a new director was announced — with Steven S. DeKnight taking over from franchise creator Guillermo del Toro (who is just a busy, busy man). Then earlier this month, we started getting casting news – with John Boyega joining the cast. The only question remaining was “when are we getting a release date?”

Well, the answer is now.

Univseral and Legendary have officially announced that Pacific Rim 2 will hit US theaters February 23, 2018. While that release date puts it squarely between Marvel’s Black Panther and an unnamed Fox Marvel film (likely Deadpool 2), it’s important to note that this film isn’t really for us. It’s for China, and we’re getting it too.

And I’m going to be so happy to see it.

The best part is, Star Wars Episode VIII will likely still be in some theaters then, and you might be able to totally do a John Boyega scifi double feature at some places.

Because that would be amazing.

Via The Wrap

Episode 75 – No Help at All

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie podcast, we discuss John Boyega joining the cast of Pacific Rim 2, Kung Fury 2’s apparent development, Sacha Baron Cohen being cast as the big screen ‘Mandrake the Magician,’ we let Nick talk about Voltron, a version of Vixen will appear on Legends of Tomorrow, and Pher went to 2D Con.

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John Boyega Cast in Pacific Rim 2

We love Pacific Rim here at Nerd & Tie. I mean we’ve probably said it about a million times at this point, but I’m not sure we can actually emphasize it enough. Pacific Rim is on the short list of “best things ever” around these parts.

Because of that, we’ve been following the development of Pacific Rim 2 pretty closely for a while. It’s been a rocky road to say the least, but with a new director the sequel seems to finally be materializing.

The latest news is that we’re finally getting some casting information for the film. Star Wars Episode VII star John Boyega has now been cast, apparently playing the son of Idris Elba’s role from the first movie.

Boyega announced the casting on his twitter account:

Boyega’s casting is welcome news to Pacific Rim fans as he’s an amazing actor and should be able to jump into the tone of the franchise without a problem. Obviously this is a story we’ll still keep following, and here’s hoping we’ll finally get a release date for the film soon.

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Godzilla vs King Kong Gets Firm Release Date, Godzilla 2 Delayed

Legendary’s 2014 remake of Godzilla was generally enjoyed around these parts, and we’ve been waiting pretty patiently for a follow up. Initially we were told that Godzilla 2 would be coming June 8th 2018, but sadly that’s not the case anymore.

Don’t worry, it’s still coming — just not as soon.

The Wrap is reporting that Godzilla 2 has a new release date, and it’s now not coming until March 22, 2019. That delay is likely because Paramount’s Transformers 6 is also scheduled for the June 2018 weekend, and Warner Bros and Legendary want to avoid the competition. The same report also finally gives a firm release date to Godzilla vs. King Kong (which will bring Godzilla up against the version of King Kong which will appear in 2017’s Skull Island). That film is now coming out May 29, 2020.

Honestly, I’m a little excited about Legendary’s ongoing shared-kaiju universe. Frankly, the more giant monsters punching each other I can see on screen, the better. While I’m a little sad to see Godzilla 2 getting delayed, it’s obviously the best business move for the studios.

I just hope it’s good when it finally gets here.

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Episode 68 – I Ain’t Afraid of No Dudebro

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we talk about the new Ghostbusters trailer, Pacific Rim 2 has a new director, the Iron Fist has been cast, Nicholas Meyer has joined the writing staff of the new Star Trek show, Wine Country Comic Con is insane, YourMiniCon has cancelled more events, and Nick went to Plattcon.

He had fun.

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Pacific Rim 2 Has a New Director

The sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim has had a rocky road so far. The sequel got announced back in 2014, but later got put on indefinite hold. Then we got word that a script was completed, but the film was still treading water.

One of the biggest challenges to the film’s future may have just been resolved though, and that’s how busy del Toro is with other projects. THR is reporting that he’s stepped aside, and that Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight would be taking over as director for Pacific Rim 2.

I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand, DeKnight taking over directing means that Legendary is still moving forward with the film. That means Pacific Rim 2 has a pretty good chance of still happening. On the other hand, del Toro’s creative voice was crucial to the unique awesomeness that was the first film. And while Guillermo del Toro would still remain on as a producer, it’s nowhere near the same as if he was still directing.

So, I guess I’m skeptically optimistic.


Hey Look, It’s a ‘Warcraft’ Trailer

Legendary’s first trailer for the Warcraft movie came out today. Based on the video game series… it’s very Warcraft-y. I mean, it looks kinda interesting, but it’s also a movie based on a long running video game series — so who knows. Video game movies don’t exactly have the best track record.

Besides the trailer (which is embedded below), Legendary has also put out a couple of posters for the film:

warcraft1 warcraft2

As the film is based on a strategy game series turned MMO, it’s not like there’s really a central character from the games to use for the film. It means whether this thing works or not will depend entirely on how well the screenplay brings us a story set in this world. I don’t know if anyone is actually excited for the film here at Nerd & Tie, but I’ll probably end up seeing it. If you’re excited about it, let us know — because honestly we’re curious.

Warcraft comes to theaters June 10, 2016.

Episode 59 – #BringBackThePher

On this bigger than ever episode, Vinnk (of FamicomDojo.tv) is sitting in for Pher. We talk about the current state of Pacific Rim 2, the cancellation of Mythbusters, Donna Noble’s Doctor Who Audio Drama return, K-9 getting his own movie, IfCon Victoria disappearing into the night, the 2015 World Fantasy Convention coming to its senses, and SXSW’s complete and total bungling of its anti-Harassment summit.

It’s a really, really long one folks.

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Pacific Rim 2 Has a Script, Waiting For Greenlight

Here’s the thing – we love Pacific Rim here at Nerd & Tie. It is quite possibly our favorite thing, and is on the short list of “everything Trae, Nick and Pher agree on.” So when Pacific Rim 2 got announced back in 2014, we got excited. Then we all fell into a deep depression when it was announced that the film had been placed on indefinite hold last month. Hope still remained, but not much.

Well, Guillermo del Toro hasn’t given up, as he tweeted earlier today that he had completed the script for Pacific Rim 2 and has submitted it to the studio.

Now we all begin holding our collective breaths. Legendary has a gap in their schedule in 2019, and this movie still has a shot…

…a small one, but it’s there.

‘Godzilla vs. King Kong’ Confirmed For 2020

About a month ago, rumors began swirling that there might be a new King Kong vs. Godzilla film coming from Legendary. Well, dreams come to pass, because Warner Bros has now confirmed that not only will there be a new crossover film, and they told us when its coming.

Godzilla vs. King Kong (which inverts the title from the last time the two crossed paths) is scheduled to come to theaters in 2020. It will follow Kong: Skull Island (which comes out March 10, 2017) and Godzilla 2 (June 8, 2018), and will establish a shared universe for giant monsters at Legendary. With nothing scheduled for 2019, it makes us wonder what could fill the gap (*crosses fingers for Pacific Rim 2*).

Honestly, while I’m excited, I’m also skeptical about Godzilla vs. King Kong. While the 60s Toho production made scale modifications to King Kong, a Legendary version would have to mess with that a lot more. The Legendary version of Godzilla is up to three times larger than the classic Toho Godzilla — and King Kong just isn’t believable at that scale (or at least his stand alone story doesn’t work at that scale).

I guess we’ll see what they do.