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On “Legends of Tomorrow” TV’s Constantine Will Finally Be Allowed to Smoke, Be Into Dudes

When Matt Ryan first played the title role on NBC’s Constantine, the peacock network was a little nervous about acknowledging two things about the character: his bisexuality and his chain smoking. And while they let John Constantine occasionally hold a cigarette, his being into guys was kind of a sore spot steadfastly avoided by the show. Ryan has since reprised the part on The CW’s Arrow, which merged the continuities. With the addition of a forthcoming CW Seed animated series, many fans of the comics’ version of the character have hoped his sexuality would be finally addressed.

And we’re happy to say, it will be.

It’s been announced that Matt Ryan’s Constantine will guest star on a Legends of Tomorrow two parter this season, and when he does his bisexuality will be directly acknowledged. It makes sense, as the CW’s Arrowverse is probably one of the better places for LGBTQ+ representation on broadcast television. Considering how infrequently male bisexuality is actually dealt with in popular culture, it’s kind of a big deal.

They’ll also let him chain smoke, but that’s kind of less important.

Constantine will appear in the ninth and tenth episodes of the season, which will take place after his previous appearance on Arrow. Executive produce Phil Klemmer told THR the episode would tonally be “The Exorcist meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” and be based around demonic possession in a mental institution. So, y’know, fun stuff.

Legends of Tomorrow is currently airing Tuesday nights on The CW.


Episode 90 – A Nerd Hope

On the latest episode of Nerd & Tie we start out by welcoming our newest host Gen Prock! After that we dig into the latest news, including how The CW has renewed all of their DC Comics shows, Constantine is coming back as an animated webseries, Charmed is getting rebooted for some reason, Awesome Games Done Quick has raised two million dollars for charity, Evercon booted artist/crafter Scott Windorski for harassment, Outlaw Comicon has lost its friggin’ mind, and Phoenix Comicon has made a controversial choice with its volunteer policies.

I mean, we definitely talk about Phoenix, AZ more than I’ve ever expected to.

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The CW Gives Early Renewal to All of its DC Shows, Supernatural

The CW announced yesterday that it was renewing seven of their shows, including all of their DC properties (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) as well as the long running Supernatural. None of this is all that surprising, as the DC shows remain some of the highest rated programming on the network, and it makes sense that they would all get another year.

That and it seems to be literally impossible to kill Supernatural, which will be going onto its thirteenth season. I mean, wow — I like the show, but this is going to have to end sometime, right? I mean, it started out as a WB show. Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars both got cancelled and revived in that time period.

Also renewed are Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The only two shows from this last fall’s lineup we haven’t heard about are No Tomorrow or Frequency, but since neither received a season one back order either… let’s just say it doesn’t look good for their prospects. The Vampire Diaries, of course, is officially on its last season.

This whole thing just remains as a reminder that The CW still remains one of the best homes for genre television on broadcast.

Via Deadline

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Will Feature a Young George Lucas

Occasionally we reach a point in fandom where it feels like the snake has begun to eat itself. That’s the case with the latest news about the episode of Legends of Tomorrow that will air January 24th. You see, an important part of the episode, apparently, will be about keeping a young George Lucas from quitting film school.

Titled “Raiders of the Lost Art,” it seems that if Lucas never makes Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark, neither Ray nor Nate will be inspired to pursue their respective careers in science or archeology. Lucas will be played by Matt Angel, and, well… this is crazy, right? This is the actual plot of an episode?

I mean, I’m honest to god not sure if I should be excited or frightened by this whole thing. When you go this far, it’ll either end up great or just be the worst thing ever. I honestly don’t think there’s an inbetween on this kind of thing.

I guess we’ll all find out together.

Via EW

Legends of Tomorrow Previews the Justice Society of America

So at the end of Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow we were introduced to Hourman who said he came from the Justice Society of America. Fans of the comics know the JSA as the World War II predecessors to the Justice League and sure enough that’s what they’re gonna be in the show. Lets take a look!


That’s (Left to right) Stargirl, Doctor Midnight, Hourman, Obsidian, Vixen and Commander Steel! And we’ve got a better look at Obsidian and Doctor Midnight in the next picture.


Stargirl looks AGGRESSIVELY 40s Comic hero, I’m sort of sad everyone else has the super-muted costumes that have been the standard since Arrow, but I still think they look great.

Be sure to check them out October 20th.

Via: io9

First Look at Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Vixen on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Back in June we first learned that an incarnation of the superheroine “Vixen” was going to show up on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. We’d previously met Mari McCabe version of Vixen (played by Megalyn E.K.) on Arrow and her own CW Seed show Vixen, but as her powers are from an inherited necklace that gets passed down through the family, it’s pretty easy for another generation’s Vixen to show up on a time travel show.

Since that announcement, Maisie Richardson-Sellers has been cast in the role – and while we don’t know her version’s given name, we know she’ll be a member of the Justice Society. We also now know, thanks to Marc Guggenheim’s twitter account, what Richarson-Sellers’s version of the character will look like too:

The costume isn’t too different from the version worn by Megalyn E.K., while still being unique enough to stand out. It’s pretty much everything we could have hoped for.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to Thursday nights this October on The CW.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Casts Sarah Grey as Stargirl

Legends of Tomorrow continues to assemble its Justice Society members. While we’ve already seen Hourman in the season one finale, and gotten news about both Citizen and Commander Steel. The latest news though is that actress Sarah Grey has been cast as Stargirl.

Grey’s made a handful of guest appearances on show’s like iZombie and Almost Human, though her most notable role is in the upcoming Power Rangers reboot film.

In the comics, Stargirl, aka Courtney Whitmore, was originally the second Star Spangled Kid before receiving the late Starman’s staff. The character previously appeared on the small screen in a handful of episodes of Smallville, played by actress Britt Irvin.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to Thursday nights on The CW this October.


‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Casts Matthew MacCaull as Commander Steel

Legends of Tomorrow seems to be pushing forward with a Justice Society plot in season two. We already saw Hourman show up in the season one finale, and a few months ago we learned that Nick Zano had been cast as Dr. Nate Heywood, grandson of JSA member Commander Steel.

So, y’know, you shouldn’t be too surprised with the latest news.

You see, we now also know that actor Matthew MacCaull has now been cast as Henry Heywood, aka the aforementioned “Commander Steel.” Geeks may remember MacCaull from his appearance as Sebastian on iZombie.

I’m pretty excited about exploring the the lesser known depths of the JSA on Legends of Tomorrow. I mean, besides the obvious members who are off the table, it really should provide for some pretty neat characters to shine.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW this October on Thursday nights.

Via ComicBook.com

The CW’s Arrowverse Casting: Wild Dog and Citizen Steel

The CW’s Arrowverse shows have been a slow parade of DC Comic’s lesser known characters. They’ve turned otherwise little known superheroes and villains into, well, known ones. I mean, even major characters like the Flash’s rogue’s gallery wasn’t all that well known to non-comics readers before these shows.

Or, y’know, like most of Legends of Tomorrow‘s cast.

Well, this fall will end up being no different. That’s right, we’re going to get to meet a few more “down-list” characters — namely both DC’s Wild Dog and Citizen Steel.

Wild Dog, played by Rick Gonzalez, will be showing up on Arrow. Most people don’t know who Wild Dog (aka ‘Jack Wheeler’) even is — but if you ever felt like mashing up Marvel’s The Punisher with TMNT’s Casey Jones… that’s Wild Dog. I mean, I can’t think of a better explanation. Considering Arrow star Stephen Amell just played Casey Jones, I assume there will be some hockey mask jokes.

Flipping from Wednesday to Thursday nights, Nick Zano has been cast as a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow as Dr. Nate Heywood. Dr. Nate Heywood is better known as his alter-ego Citizen Steel. Citizen Steel is also the grandson of Justice Society member Commander Steel, which seems like it will link in with Hourman’s appearance in the Legends of Tomorrow season finale.

Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow all return to The CW this fall.

Via EW, Deadline

Episode 75 – No Help at All

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie podcast, we discuss John Boyega joining the cast of Pacific Rim 2, Kung Fury 2’s apparent development, Sacha Baron Cohen being cast as the big screen ‘Mandrake the Magician,’ we let Nick talk about Voltron, a version of Vixen will appear on Legends of Tomorrow, and Pher went to 2D Con.

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